Friday, August 1, 2014

Goencho Avaz - Konkani Solo / Duet Singing Contest

Goencho Avaz -  All Goa Singing Contest of Konkani songs that played on All India Radio Ponnje upto 1980 - Solos and Duets

It's a Herald group presentation in association with State Bank of India and others

Through their voices (23 young and talented singers) we could listen to
Alfred Rose, Rita Rose, Chris Perry, Lorna, Delfin, Thereza, Seby, Asha Bhosle,

Asha Lata, Usha Iyer, Wilfy Rebimbus, Remie Colaco, M Boyer, Sofia etc

What a fitting tribute!!
Judge Sonia Shirsat rightly said 'Future of Konkani is in safe hands'

Check them singing, so beautiful

Video 1- The Contest

The winners: Solo Singing
Cielda Pereira - 1st Prize
Fleur Dias - 2nd Prize
Scully D'Souza - 3rd Prize

Duet category Winners:
Richita and Princewll - 1st Prize
Rynell Rodrigues and Lionel - 2nd Prize




Judges were:
Lulu Fortes, Sonia Shirsat, Anthony San, Fr. Domnic Alvares
All Judges also sang

Chief Guest was Dy. Chief Minister Francisco D'Souza and Guests of honour Prince Jacob, TAG President and Rajagopalan, Regional  Asst. General Manager State Bank of India.

9 piece band, music arranged by Roy Menezes

With  Abdonio Rodrigues, Mariano Dias, Mariano Furtado, James Vaz,
John De Madel, Anthony de Velim, Roy Menezes, Senon D'Souza and Alex tenor sax

Abdonio’s birthday today

Video: 2 Band with Ace Drummer Abdonio Rodrigues

Compere - Agnelo de Borim


Winners, guests etc


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chikal Kalo Festival at Marcel, goa

Chikaal Kaala
Aashaadi Ekadas : A mud game festival dedicated to Lord Vitthal. 
It symbolize games that were believed to have been played by Lord Krishna in his childhood.
Deulwada, Marcel, Goa, Mashel
10th July 2014

There are in all 43 pics

here are some

Watch out for a video here

Monday, July 7, 2014

St. Francis Xavier Exposition 2014-15

SFX Exposition 2014-15

17th public Exposition of the Sacred Relics of  St. Francis Xavier

will be held at Sé Catedral Church from Nov 23 rd 2014 till Jan 3rd 2015

Fr. Francis Xavier died at Shangchuan from a fever on 3 December 1552,
He was first buried on a beach at Shangchuan Island. His incorrupt body was taken from the island in February 1553 and was temporarily buried in St. Paul's church in Malacca on 22 March 1553. An open grave in the church now marks the place of Xavier's burial.

On 11 December 1553, Xavier's body was shipped to Goa. The body is now in the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa, where it was placed in a glass container encased in a silver casket on 2 December 1637.
The right forearm, which Xavier used to bless and baptize his converts, was detached by Pr. Gen. Claudio Acquaviva in 1614. It has been displayed since in a silver reliquary at the main Jesuit church in Rome (see pic)

Blessed Francis Xavier became Saint in 1622 (70 years after death)

What is Exposition?
The Sacred body of the Saint (died 1552) in the silver glass casket (pic) is brought down for general public veneration (exposed to public to have a closer look),  once in 10 years. It's a planned and organised event for wider public / devotees participation.   Next, 18th Exposition would be in 2024-25
Watch video of 1994-95 (link below).  

Pope Francis is not coming or attending the Exposition as confirmed by Goa Bishop Palace.
Either His Holiness too busy or not enough have been done by the Goa Church & Govt. authority.
If the Pope visits Goa say in next 5 years, there could be a special or Private Exposition (unlisted).

Did you know?
During the initial expositions, the body was fully exposed (uncovered) and that one could even touch the body. Devotees were actually kissing the Saint's feet and one lady even bit off the Saint's toe.

This is the place in the Basilica of Bom Jesus where the sacred relics are seen a top the marble mausoleum.

These are close-up pics taken in  July 2013


close-up pics water-marked GOA/JAN/95 from exposition 1995


Video: 1994-95 Exposition


 Note: During last Expo 2004-05, no photography/Videography was allowed.


Watch Part II (last day of the expo with procession etc)

Video: slide show - SFX relics

Basilica of Bom Jesus
Saint's sacred body remains here all other times
Open to all (Partly visible, see above pics)

Se Cathedral - the Exposition takes place in here
(Transferred / Taken in a procession to and from Bom Jesus Basilica)

Cassock / Vestment / Chasuble / Stoles once worn by the Saint

This coffin was made during 1744 exposition and was used for all exposition until 1952-53.
It has 3 keys - one each was kept with the Archbishop,  the Governor and  the administrator.
The sacred relics were then transferred to the present one silver casket/Crystal coffin in 1953

Used during the Expositions

Other relics (of  the Saint) elsewhere in the world:

Saint's right forearm
In Rome

Saint's toe in Lisbon

Another bone Relics in Macao
St. Joseph Seminary's Sacred Art Museum

Relics other Parts of Goa
Relics (e.g. Small piece of bone) of Saint Francis Xavier are also found in the Holy Spirit Church, Margão,  Church of St. Francis Xavier, Batpal, Canacona and St. Francis Xavier Chapel, Portais, Panjim

Past public Expositions

First Exposition:  February 10-12, 1782 (3 days only)

Second: December 3, 1859 to January 8, 1860

Third: December 3, 1878 - January 6, 1879

Fourth: December 3, 1890 - January 1, 1891

Fifth Exposition: December 7-10, 1900 (4 days only)
Sixth Exposition: November 26 - December 28, 1910
Seventh Exposition: December 3, 1922 - January 7, 1923
Eighth: 1931: December 3, 1931 - 10 January 1932
Ninth Exposition: May 6 – 17, 1942  (12 days only)
Tenth Exposition: December 3, 1952 - January 6, 1953
Eleventh: December 13 – 31, 1961 (Lasted till Dec 18, Goa liberation time)
Twelfth: November 25, 1964 -  January 5, 1965 (under Indian Regime)
Thirteenth Exposition: November 23, 1974 - January 5, 1975
Fourteenth: November 21, 1984 - January 13, 1985
Fifteenth Exposition: November 21, 1994 – January 5, 1995
Sixteenth Exposition: November 21, 2004 – January 2, 2005
Note: There were many other occasions (unlisted, not being expositions) where the Saint's Body brought down for public veneration for shorter durations and of longer breaks in between prior to 1782.

Exposition 2014-15 Official website:

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sao Joao Celebrations at Campal 24.6.2014

Holy Cross Association
Campal, Panaji - Goa

Sao Joao 2014
24th June 2014
It's their third year of celebrations

 Some pics and Video

Rain, Rain dance, hanging fruits..


Jumping splash




Jumping, splash

Brass band


floating birthday cake
Birthday boy dy Mayor Kabir Pinto Makhija
Also a Local Ward Councillor

Mayor, dy Mayor
Surendra Furtado, Kabir Pinto Makhija

With media


Sao Joao at Aldona Tin Manos

Teen Manos (Sluice Gates)
Coimavado, Aldona

Organised by friends of Aldona

Pics and Video

There are 61 pics

Rain, Rain dance, Artificial Rain, Kids bathing


jumping, bathing in the Manos

 Sao Joao Crown, copel or Kopel

Festive Boiled grams (Ukolo Chonne)


Festive decorations – balloons

 Other scenic views

A view from top


Entertainment on stage
Com Brian
Peter-Roshan, Norman Cardozo, Robert de Calvim, Benzer etc



Robert de Calvim

Something coming up or extension


Video 2: Com Brian