Friday, 5 February 2016

Goa Carnival 2016

Goa Carnaval  6- 9 Feb 2016

The main float parade will be held in the capital city - Panjim Sunday 3pm on February 6,
followed by
float parade in Margao on February 7,
Vasco, Ponda and Curchorem on February 8, and
Mapusa and Shiroda on February 9.

Panaji Carnival floats
Video: King Momo Entourage

Once again, poorly managed Panjim Carnival floats
Was to start at 3pm but it started after 4.30pm (at Old Secretariat, VIP Lounge / Pavilion)
People were seen impatiently waiting to watch float parade since 3pm at around Panjim Ferry Viewing galley etc but they watched the first float around 5.15pm
It takes about 2 hours from start to end.
e.g. A float (Swaach Bharat) which left 18.13 at starting point seen arriving at the terminating point at Kala Academy 20.05pm
In Goa, its darker around 6.30 pm but the last float to leave at starting point was 7.20pm and must have reached at KA 9.15pm
Half the time, our King Momo was invisible from his podium.. Don't know if his carriage height to blame
Some good and traditional floats were seen at the end in the dark and hurriedly moving
Plenty of Police mamas including PI, SP etc inside the barrier thus causing obstructions to clear view
King Momo Pics
Shalom Sardinha King Momo s/o Francisco Sardinha former Chief Minister
Palomi Ghosh, Nachom-ia Kumpasar film fame
More pics
 Helicopter flying above
King Momo Pics
King Momo Entourage
Palomi Ghosh, Nachom-ia Kumpasar film fame
Shalom Sardinha King Momo s/o Francisco Sardinha former Chief Minister

Carnival committee members, SP Umesh Gaonkar etc

Maksed kid

FC Goa Special

 Hindu, Muslim, Christian
Communal harmony
Irmao, saints, procession, shigmo etc
sup varo
Dancing in the street
Egypt pharaoh
Ironing / fer
Jumping chicken, frog
Veg. Market
Kids, sunshine
Beach Shack
Junk cars
Lion giant roaring
deer, Peacock, lion, tiger, bull, Cheeta
Use me, Swach Bharat
Deer hunting
Adivasi Boys of Saligao
aerial drone, manned
Musical flavour
RIP coffin
Hot Sexy
zolo, Lady bug
School boys, ids
Silver farmer
King Momo Entourage, carriage
Video Preparations - A preview

Video: Carnaval Khell, intro

Preparations 4.2.2016
Capital City entrance

Miramar Circle
Street decorations

Divya Circle, Panaji

KTC Circle, Panaji

VIP gallery
near Old Secretariat
Samba Square