Monday, 20 April 2015

Father of the Opinion Poll, Dr. Jack De Sequeira

Remembering father of Goa's Opinion Poll
20.4.2015 on his 100th birthday today
Special Cover (Indian Post)
another, scanned -  read here

Dr. Jack de Sequeira
(Dr. Joao Hugo  Eduardo de Sequeira)
20.4.1915 - 17.10.1989
First Opposition Leader in the Goa Assembly who is mainly responsible for keeping Goa in Goa  by not merging Goa into Maharashtra.

Dona Paula Circle, Goa on 20.4.2015
Video Prof  Prajal Sakhardande Speaking
Flowers /Wreaths
Dr. Jack de Sequeira
First Opposition Leader in the Goa Assembly who is mainly responsible for keeping Goa in Goa 
by not merging Goa into Maharashtra
Father of Opinion Poll

Family members
Manuela Sequeira, Margaret - Margo Sequiera, Maria Tereza sequeira e Metha, Dr. Lilia, Lilly Sequeira e Sukhija.
Radharao Gracias
Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco, Swati Kerker etc
Santan Viegas, Cedrico, Siddesh Bhagat

Road directions
Ashoka Tree
Video 1 Prof  Prajal Sakhardande Speaking

Meet 4 Jack Sequeira's daughters
Video 2: Margo speaking  about her father

Video 3: Merces KKK Musical show
Dr. Jack de Sequeira Birth Centenary Celebrations
With Aniceto Lourenco, Anthony San, Xavier Gomes, Lawry Travasso, Marcus Vaz, Alberto Cabral, Jimmy, Anita, John D'Silva, Sylvester vaz, Jeremiah Vaz, Francis de Tuem, Sheik Amir.

Konkani Kala Kendr (KKK), Merces, goa

Video 4: Francis de Tuem

Video 4: Aniceto Lourenco singing on Jack De Sequeira

Pics from 2011, Dona Paula Circle

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Goa Food and Cultural Festival 2015

5 day festival of foods, cousine, song, dance, band etc
Campal Football ground, near Kala Academy
17-21 April 2015

D B Road, streets

Entrance day time

night time



Stage set up, Sonia Shirsat

Stalls etc

Caju Niro at OH PAPAGAI

Also Cheuris Pao, Sur Toddy Urak




Stalls, Royal Stag, Leonoras, High bridge etc

 Meal Tray
chonne Bhiknna grams

VIP lounge

CM etc in VIP lounge

Goa Tourism Crown

5 day Programe Schedule


VIP lounge day time
Firework display

Day 2
Sudesh Bhosale

 Nephie Rod also Nephie Pradhan

 Nephie Rod,  Sudesh Bhosle


 Nephie Rod Pradhan, Chetan Rana, Sudesh Bhosle



 Band Melody makers

Huge crowd
Bondo Fernandes a Goan Musician (Drums and Goan Latin style percussionist)
Drum and drums
Brass band
Host and Hostess
Compere Anchors emcees
Sheryl and Jesus
Cheryl Viegas Almeida
Jesus Ribeiro


Video Day 1
A quick Tour with Sonia Shirsat singing