Thursday, 8 September 2016

Ganesh Chaturthi Goa 2016

Video 1
Matoli Bazar

Video 2
Ganapati Dekhava at Mala Spring, Marutigad and GRP Altinho
30,000 match sticks etc

Video 3
KTC Panaji, Kamat Canteen, Boca de Vaca, Police Station, Panaji Garden

Video 4
Vasco MMC Sarvajanik Dekhava

Video 5
At Vasco Railway Station

Video 6
Panaji Town Police  13.9.16

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Panaji Police 2007

Panaji Police 2009

Panaji Police 2014

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Panaji Police 2016

Some pics links, more pics there

Municipal garden, Panaji

Boca de Vaca. Panaji

KTC Panaji

Kamat Canteen KTC

Mala Spring

Nasrudden shah

GRP Police Altinho

Panaji Police Station

1.5 day immersions

5 day Ganapati idol immersion at Miramar beach 7pm 9.9.16

At Ferry Panaji
onboard ferryboat, middle of the river Mandovi

Devotees whispering their wish in the ear of Lord Ganesha ahead of Ganesh Visarjan
Last whisper, wish

Vasco MMC, Municipality
Vasco da Gama

Vasco Railway Station Tourist Taxi Union sarvajanik Ganesh Utsav

9 day Ganapati
Panaji Town Police


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Matoli Bazar

Ganapati 2015

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Divar Bonderam 2016 (Malar)

Organised by Sao Mathias Sports Club,
 20th August 2016
Traditional Flags Festival of Malar, Divar Island.

Bonderam 20th Aug 2016


 Another video at facebook


Brass Band
Other musicians
 Flag March etc
Dancing in the streets
Copro , patolleo

Tender Coconut tree

 Little poder, baker

Pixem with baby
Freshly cooked noodles

Divar Ferry, jetty

Stage, Chief guest Maidkaikar, gold cup trophy etc

Gate, entrance

Crowd, parade street, cops, police

Previous year's Bonderam, visit here