Thursday, 18 July 2013

Budbudyanchi tali (Bubbling Pond) at Netravali, Sanguem, Goa

Our First Visit
6th July 2008
Today we left for Netravalim in Sanguem Taluka at (to visit buddbuddeamchi toli)

We first went to Margao, then took a bus to Sanvordem (Rs.12 one hour) then a another Bus to Netravali (Rs.15 another hour)  as the buses to Netravali are after a long gap, we decided to take a taxi (Rs.700 o/w). Netravali is about 35kms from Sanvordem.

One can also reach Netravalim via Quepem- Tillamol-Rivona.

From the main road, the ‘Talli’ is about 1km (on another road to Canacona/Karwar or Netravali - Gaondongrim Road).

At the ‘budbudeamchi Talli’  we saw  the budbudde (bubbles) coming our from the ground under the water (pond).  We were hoping for a bigger ones but it was tiny bubbles which we often saw in any other ponds.  However,  the bubbles oozing out from the ground was very frequent and from every where and that what we found very unusual.  Also, here it looks very beautiful in clear water.

After about half an hour, we saw some local School kids having fun in the same pond- bathing, swimming, diving etc as can be seen in the video

As it was raining and also it involves climbing (mountain) for a bout 45 minutes, we decided not to visit the nearby Netravali waterfalls.

We were back home by 6pm after having lunch at Longuinhos Margao.

We used public transport every where (except one taxi).  We travelled standing in a crowded minibus for 70 long minutes from Netravali to Tillamol Road  (the experience we will never forget) from where we took another bus to Margao.

Check this out – the pics

Budbudeamchi Talli

The Pond (Talli) and the temple

The Temple

The pond with bubbles (buddbudde)

some school kids on the road
Video  2008, quality lost in youtube - partly redone in 2013 video, see below

Our Second Visit
9th July 2013

The same road (Gaondongrim-Netravali) in Canacona that goes to Ambheghat falls also goes to Buddbuddyamchi Tolli (Sanguem).
It was raining all day long as can be seen in the video and as such could capture much of 'bubbles' in the pond and hence our previous visit footage added to the video.

We then took Rivona Road (I did not know Rivona was so big) then via Zambaulim (Shigmo) then Tilamol - Quepem Road, Paroda, Sao Jose de Areal, MES Camp, Rawanfond Margao..

Some pics of 2013

the Tali or Pond Budbud Talli or Bomadyanchi Talli tank

a view of Talli and the temple – opp direction

 Little gomti in front

A view from the front of the temple

The Temple (Renovated) Shri Gopinath Devasthan

Temple side views

The Road Gaondongrim – Netravali
Looks like there is a spice farm nearby

Video  2in1 2008 & 2013 Watch kids bathing / diving in the tank

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Budbud Talli or Bomadyanchi Talli tank Bomade  bullbulle bullbulleanchi tolli

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Feast of Mount Carmel, Carmelite Monastery, Margao

Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel celebrated today 16th July, 2013.
Feast Mass at 5pm.  About 25 priests concelebrated Mass.
Main Celebrant was Fr. Francis Carvalho, Superior General of the Pilar society.

Parish Priest of Grace Church Fr. Carmo Martins with Fr. Michael,
Parish Priest of St. Seabatian Church Fr. Ligorino Da Cost and  Fr. John, 
Fr. Nelson, Fr. Cyril, Fr. Simon Rego, Fr. Benjamin and others

Believe me or not, I really thought Bentina (scapulars) is a tradition of Goa only, being originated from Goa (As in Colva Fama Holy Chords also known as Betina).
Infact, Scapular dates back to  13th Century   where Our Lady of Mount Carmel appeared to a Priest of Carmelite order (now St. Simon Stock)  on 16th July 1251 and gave him the Brown Scapular. Hence, the feast is celebrated on 16th July every year.

 My bentin did have a picture of Carm(i) Saibinn though and I now (Today)  know the reason why.

Earlier, Bentin means Carmi Saibinn.  Later on we also saw Pictures of St. Francis Xavier etc. There were two types of Betina – One plain dark thick brown (no Picture) and the other with plastic coated picture, chord or thread being comparatively thinner, these lasted for shorter period than the plain one.

I remember, we even had Carmi Saibinn Statue in our Olotor and during litany etc we did sing an orasao or hymn in Her honour.
Ok, here are some of the pics taken on the feast day.

The Carmelite Monastery ,
Martin Dias Road
(Cine Vishant Road)
Aquem Margao (near Apollo Hospital)

Facade / Tower


with two bells

Our Lady of Mount Carmel



Feast Mass 5pm 16.7.13



 Main Celebrant - Fr. Francis Carvalho, Superior General of the Pilar society


The Mass - Raising of the Host

A couple standing tall

 Feast Choir

Parish Priest ?

distribution of Bentina  scapulars

Bentin or bentina (imported from Spain ?)

Video 1 (Feast Choir Special, Hymn of O/L of Mount Carmel)

Video 2 (Main)

Pics in Herald

Pics in Navhind Times

Friday, 12 July 2013

Ambheghat waterfall, Canacona Goa

Ambeghat or Bamonbudo
Wanted to visit the falls for the last 3 years, we managed it today 11th July, 2013.
We almost lost while coming back home for we took different route, the same road ahead.

It about 88kms from Panaji or 55kms from Margao or about 19kms from Char Roste / Palolem beach Road.  It about 14 kms from the Main NH17 Road to Karwar.
Take Road to Gaondongrim - Neturlim, you will see the Forest Check Post Gate at the start of the road.
Go straight for about 14kms (do not turn right) until you find the waterfall on the road towards the left. Little further, there is another smaller one as seen in the pic and Video.

Someone told us there is yet another one further way.. We followed the road only to find no other waterfalls. It was just like any other Ghats with turns, steep upward and downward slopes. We were finally into Sanguem Taluka where we spotted Budbudyanchi talli  (been here before) and its Temple Gopinath Devasthan, Netravali Sanguem (photos video blog see end). We then took Rivona Road (I did not know Rivona is so big) then via Zambaulim (Shigmo) then Tilamol - Quepem Road, Paroda, Sao Jose de Areal, MES Camp, Margao..
We must have crossed 200 kms up and down. We enjoyed the trip through forest and green fields.

This Ambheghat or Bamonnbuddo (A bamonn got drowned hence bamonnbuddo) waterfall is just like Amboli or Chorla ghat waterfalls.
I mean, they are seasonal say Mid June till Sept. or during Monsoon only.

Never heard of Ambheaghat-fall except for last 3-4 years and it is becoming popular year after years.
Even people from neighbouring  district of Kawar in Karnataka visit here including politicians.

I would say, not suitable for family picnics because the area is remote and isolated or not frequented by vehicles. Also, there are news reports that some men picnickers creating nuisance here, often ends up in fights, parking on the road, garbage empty bottles, drinking and dancing nude etc
There were plans to ban picnickers here sometime ago by the local Panchayat.
You may not get Cell phone network coverage here.

Ok here are some pics

Ambhegat Waterfall

See the two / Twin tree standing (trade mark)

Flowing under the bridge / road

Some picnickers squatted on the main road

Forest view opposite

Another fall close by, same road / Side


for buddbyddyanchi tali (bubbling pond) , check here
buddbudde, budbude, budbudeamchi tali, talli, tolli, toil, budbudeanchi, buddbuddyamchi etc

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Zoo etc (Monsoon Special)

Our Visit to the Zoo on 10th July, 2012 between 4-5pm
First Time I ever been here was during my school time.
Today, it was raining almost all day, could not see things much. 
Some animals were inside their den (taking shelter from rain)
But we enjoyed the nature's walk, the rain, the flowing streams etc
Did not visit the garden.

It's not really a Zoo but a mini zoo.
You don't see here Lions, Giraffes, Camels, elephants, Hippo,
Chimps, Zebra, Rhino etc etc

However, there is a lot for the  nature's lovers like me.
We really enjoyed our monsoon visit to the Zoo (Sanctuary)

Of all the animals in the zoo, I like the King Cobra the most.
Never seen such a long, fat and hooded snake.

We were 4 with a car. We paid total of 190
i.e. Rs.20 per head entry, Car 75 and Still camera 30 (Video Cemara more 150 I think)
Total comes to 185 but he said 190. we gave 200 and he returned 10.
Ticket Total shows 185

The Gate - Ticket counter etc

Code of the forest

Walking with the nature
Streams, Road etc

Gate 4 – Zoo

 Visiting hours and weekly closure

Fish for sale – Visonn, Pamplitt,

 Zoo Circuit board

All the animals in the zoo fal le lo

I am tiger

 little deer

Balu the dancing bear
Porcupine (Sall)

 civet Cat

Indian Bison

King Cobra (hooded)

Water Snake



Gate 1 – From the Main Road


Monday, 8 July 2013

Betul Beach, Mobor Beach, River Sal etc


From Mobor side

Cavelossim / Mobor beach


River Sal Mouth

Betul Side

River Sal Mouth
Mobor beach also seen

 view from the Betul fort – Mobor beach
River Sal Mouth

 Topless coconut trees
Lightning ?

Gomti / temple on the river bank

view from Betul – Other side is Mobor

Mobor beach

Betul beach rocks

 Note on the rock - No Sex here..


 coconut trees

Meeting point
The River and the Sea

 Fishermen, canoe etc

Anglers on the rocks

 Mining belt junk also seen

 Light house tower on the Baradi hill

View from Baradi chapel

Video (Betul, Mobor, River Sal)
Captured from both side of the River

More on Betul fort, mobor beach etc