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Christmas Cribs 2014, Goa


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Results for Crib Competition organised by Directorate of Art and Culture 2014
The Department of Art & Culture Govt. of Goa had organised State level Crib Competition during Christmas Festival in two categories i.e. a) Institution/Group & b) Individual/ Household from 26th to 30th Dec.’ 2014 as a part of promotion and preservation of this age old tradition of crib making in Goa. In Institution/Group category  31 groups  and in Individual/  Household category 22 individuals have participated in the competition. A panel of three jury members comprising of renowned Artist, Mr. Domnic Cordo, Mr. Victor Hugo Gomes and Mr.Rayen Francis Abreu judged the competition.
The results of State level Crib Competition-2014 in both the categories is as follows:
Institution/Group Catogory
First Prize:
Mexico Boys of Cansaulim, Costawaddo-
Second Prize:
Parish Youth of Rachol, Praca -De - Rachol,
Near Rachol Church.
Third  Prize: 
Capuchin      Fathers     Farm house, Ordofond,
Poiguinim, Canacona-Goa.
Five Consolation Prizes of Rs. 5,000/- each and certificate:
1.     Pallotti Jyoti Niwas,Ponsabhat Guirdolim,Chandor-Goa.
2.     Candolim    Committee   Candolim    ,Pintos    Vaddo,Near    Holy    Cross (Mandar)
3.     Sallem Bhat Sport and Cultural Club,Sallem Bhat ,Santa Cruz, Merces- Goa.
4.     Grand Marod Group , Grand Morod Saligao-Goa.
5.     Seby   Perira   and  Joan  Lucas   and group,   opposite   Carmel   Convent, Chicalim,Vasco-Goa.

Individual/ Household Catogory


First  Prize:  Rs.  10,000/-  and certificate  
Francis  Xavier  D’Souza,  Valadaris Vaddo,Siolim-Goa.


Second  Prize:  Rs.  7,000/-   and   certificate   
Richard   Caldeira,  Alto,Santa    Cruz,Ponda Goa.


Third Prize: Rs. 5,000/- and Certificate
Darric Dias,Aquem Baixo,Gantamorod Navelim,Salcete Goa.


Five Consolation Prizes of Rs. 3,000/- each and certificate:

  1. Minguel Gonsalves,H.No.36,Fonduem Ribandar,Panaji-Goa.
  2. Antonio Ramond Rebello,Baixo De Igrega Agacaim Ilhas Goa.
  3. Ashwin Jhonny Fernandes,Telaulim,Navelim-Goa.
  4. Johnvin Pinto,Anjuna Chivas Near Bobby Bar,Anjuna - Goa.
  5. Nadia De Souza Rajvaddo,Mapusa- Goa.

The winners of the competition will be awarded certificate and cash prizes on Sunday 11-01-2015 at 7.00 p.m. at Darya Sangam, Kala Academy Campal ,Panaji-Goa during Lokotsav Festival 2015.

Immaculate Conception Church
Mechanical Crib or Moving crib
Same depiction  for last 5 years


Archbishop's House at Christmas

Bishop Palace, Altinho Panaji Goa



Friends of Chicalim

Main Road, near Church
Winner of 1st Prize Last year
Bridges, snow, fields, fountain, Xmas father etc

Church of St. Francis Xavier (1625)
Chicalim 403 711, Goa.
chikle Church


Opp Sancoale Church

Our Lady of Health
First Timer

Mexico Boys - FIRST PRIZE
All Goa Level competition organised of Goa State Art & Culture Dept.

Costawado Amballo, Cuelim Cansaulim
Snow, Bridges, 3 kings, Little of Egypt, Walk-through Palace, St. Agustine Chuch Tower,
St. Francis Xavier, Crab with Crucifix - Mechanical


St. Agustin Church Tower etc


TAF boys of Tonttem Morod
Known for beautiful palaces, fountain, ponds with fresh water fish.
Scooter riding Santa Clause, Snowman, Candle, Star etc


Riding Santa Claus

Snowman etc

Tender Boys of Falvado
Arossim Cansaulim

Friends of Bandar
Arossim Lake
Floating crib

Our Lady of Valankini shrine
Monteiro Vado Utorda

 Monteiro Wado, Utorda
Cansaulim-Majorda Main Road

 Christmas Father, roadside near Rly Gate, Cansaulim

 A house, decorated


Seraulim Church square

Sancoale Lake
St. Josepht Vaz, Crib, Star, Xmas father, boat, reindeer

Plane flying above


Youth of Mungul
Margao-Colva Road
Roadside Lake

With lights on

St. Anthony Boys of Agalli, Margao
Bypass Road
Lambs, Shepherd, St. Francis, Sam Minguel, 3 Kings,
Joseph Marry seeking shelter, Web, Fountain, sea-shell with pearl,
Fields, Blacksmith, Baker, Bullock Cart, Moses, Hillock, Santa Claus
Birds, herons, Palace, castle, window, pontti, candles, well, Dhirio bull,  Etc


Sam Minguel


 St. Khuris boys of Raia , Kolleam Dhongor
Fountaing, bridge, castles, fish

 Near Caver Chapel Raia
Palace, Fountain, fish, Ducklings, Tortoise, Chapel, glass bottle castle
Christmas Father etc

Raia Church Square

Nuvem Church Square
Adam and Eve, Serpent, apples, 3 kings, lake, St. Francis Xavier.

Video 1 - Panjim Church and Bishop's Palace

Video 2: Friends of Chicalim Crib

Video 3: Mexico Boys of Costawado, Cansaulim  FRIST PRIZE

coming soon..

Video: Taf Boys
Video: Tender Boys of Falvado, Arossim
Video: Friends of Bandar
floating crib (Lake)

Video: Monteiro Vado, Utorda
Video: Youth of Mungul Lake

Video: St. Anthony Boys of Agalli
Video: Nuvem Church Crib
Video: St. Khuris Raia, Caver Raia, Church Raia
Video: Sancoale Church

Video: Sancoale Lake

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