Sunday, 27 March 2016

Goa Shigmo 2016, Panaji

Goa Shigmo or Shigmotsav 2016
An initiative of Goa Tourism

Dates for Shigmo Float Parades
25th March Ponda
26th March No Parade (Good Friday)
27th March Panaji
27th March Margao
28th March Bicholim
29th March Vasco
30th March Quepem
31st March Curchorem / Sanvordem
1st April Sanguem
2nd April Cuncolim also Tivim
3rd April Mapusa also Shiroda
4th April Pernem
5th April Sankhali
6th April Valpoi also Dharbandora
7th April Canacona

Once again the  Panaji shigmo ended late, very late.  If police did not interfere then the whole thing would have ended around 2.30am.

Looks like it started very late as usual. 

We decided to give a miss this time because it ends very late every year.

However, at 8 pm we decided to go and watch at least half of the floats.

We arrived at Kala Academy at 8.30pm and surprised to see Float parade not even started yet.

Romtamel were still going on and last group of Romtamel left the starting point (Caculo Island) at 23.15.   Last float (Chitrarath)  to leave the originating point  at  00:45 or 12.45am which means it would arrive at the terminating point i.e. Azad Maidan around 2am and the programme on stage including prize distribution, senior artistes felicitation, Speeches etc  whole thing would have ended around 2.30am.  Last year it ended at 1.15am though

Looks like top committee members already abandoned  the show and disappeared. Not even local MLA and Dempo Baba were seen at Azad Maidan.  At 1.21 am it was announced  that stage programme is cancelled and that result will be declared 2 days later on local dailies.
Surprisingly, no local dailies (English) brought this up in their editions, they did publish floats pics though.
Watch Video No. 6 (below) for all 30 floats

Azad Maidan  1.10am
 Birds, Peacocks, fish etc
 Adpai yuvak Sangh
Different gods, one god
one god one family




Shigmo street

Parade street 18 June Road

Divya Circle

Preparations at Azad Maidan


Video: 1 Triveni Kala Sangh

Video 2: Adpai Yuvak Sangh

Video 3: Prince of Mala

More Videos coming soon here

Video 4 Kumbharjua Nagrik Samiti

Video 5  Panaji Rotamel Mix

Video 6  Panaji Shigmo floats (all 30 see list below) about 30 mins

1. Devulwada Sanskrutik Yuvak Mandal, Panaji
Divkar Arts – Kalia Manthan
Panjim Striker – Boca de Vaca
Prince of Mala
5. Merces Sanscrutic Trust
Triveni Kala Sangh, Ponda
Prajapita Bramha Kumaris One God one Family
Shree Kajreshwar Mandal, Mapusa
Ponda Nagrik Samiti – Ganapati
Kumbharjua Nagrik
11. Shree Sati Santeri Sanskrutik Kala Sangh , Karmi Bhatt Merces
Ribandar – Pandarpur
Shree Saraswati Sanskrutik Mandal, Patto Ribandar
Shree Bal Gopal Mandal, Chimbel
Shree Naguesh Maharudra Samiti, Bandora Ponda
16. Shree Krushnu Bal Mandal, Bandora Ponda ? Jai Hanuman
Ximer Agapur Ponda
Jai Bhavani, Vadivada Kundai Goa
... Kala Mandal, Talauli – Fish
TAleigao Goa – Vali Sugriv War
21. Mahalaxmi Boyz ?
Shree Bodgeshwar Kala Mandal, Mapusa
Sirsai Sanskrutik Mandal, Sirsai – Krusnu War
Adpai Yuvak Sangh
Rawalnath Sports Cultural Club, Corlim - Hanuman ki puch..
26. Bal Hanuman...
Team BBC, Bastora Mapusa
... Kala Sangh ?
Mr. Art, Guruwas wada, Kundaim
30. Shiva Bhajan, Bastora, Mapusa

Check here last years pics and Videos

Friday, 25 March 2016

Good Friday at Se Cathedral, Old Goa 25.3.2016

Procession of 'Capas Magnas' (Xempeanchem Pursanv) etc

Video 1 - Xempeanchem Pursanv

Se Cathedral


Priests, Bishop  in red
Fr. Maverick Fernandes, Fr. Alfred Vaz etc

 A senior priest, a canon ?

 FR ALFRED VAZ  (below)

 Archbishop Filipe Neri


Image, crucifix of Christ
Hem Khursachem Lakudd, hacher Sounsaracho soddvonndar umkol’la

pipe organ Piano missing




Veneration, kissing


Procession, Procession of 'Capas Magnas'
Xempeanchem pursanv