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Herald Goencho Avaz 2016 - Konkani Solo / Duet Singing Contest

HeraldGroup's Goencho Avaz 2016
 Konkani Solo / Duet Singing Contest
for 15-25 age group.
Singing, preferably  songs of pre - 1990s

Audition Rounds
Panaj - 7th July 2016  at TAG Conference hall
Margao - 10th July 2016 at Ravindra Bhavan Black Box  at 2 - 5.30pm
Finals 26th July Panaji  10 AM
Repeat Margao 31st July 10 AM
Note: Finals dates postponed, new dates likely on 31st July and 6th Aug

Goencho Avas 2017 visit here

Results: 2016
Sorry, I could not make it to Margao mega Finals due to all tickets sold out in advance

The winners:

1st  Avina Furtado 


3rd  Peviolla Dias


1st  Elaine Pinto and Pierson D’Costa


Goencho Avaz 2016 Top Prize (Duet) by Joegoauk

2nd  Cameron Fernandes and Shenaya Pereira,


3rd  Anson Gomes and Wilma Dias


Finals on 12th Aug. Panaji Kala Academy 7.45 and
14th Aug Margao Pai Tiatrist 3.30pm 6.30

Video: Finals at Kala Academy on 12/8/16
22 songs in 24 minutes

with Anson Gomes, Wilma Dias, Josiah Rebello, Tancia Pires, Sheena Gracias, Carey Fernandes, Avina Furtado, Priyanka Lone, Peviolla Dias, Mandira Dessai, Colin Furtado, Velita Fernandes,
Jatin Chari, Pershirl Fernandes, Cameron Fernandes, Alrica Fernandes, Steffi Pereira, Stefny Pedroso, Pierson d'Costa, Elaine Pinto, Shanaya Pereira, Melcia Lobo and Reza Nani Fernandes

Video: Scully D'Souza
Guest Singing (Past Goencho Avaz)

Video: Saish Poi Palondicar
Judge singing

Stage Set up

Vishnu Wagh - Chief Guest

Reza Fernandes

Shanaya Pereira

Joshiah Rebello and Tancia Peries

Jatin Chari

Alrica Fernandes

Velita Fernandes

Steffi Pereira

Elaine Pinto

Peviola Dias - 2nd place

Stefny Pedroso

Collin and Avina Furtado

Cameron Fernandes

Pierson D’Costa and Elaine Pinto - First Place

Pershirl Fernandes

Maria Sheena Gracias

Mandira Phal Dessai

Anson Gomes and Wilma Dias - 3rd Place

Priyanka Lone

Carey Fernandes - 2nd Place

Melcia Lobo

Cameron Fernandes and Shanaya Pereira - 2nd Place

Avina Furtado  - First Place

Scully De Souza

Judge Anthony San

Judge Saish Poi Palondikar

 Past Goencho Avaz Finalists

Host Agnelo de Borim

Antonio Azavedo, Nolvert Cota, Theo Alvares, Norman Cardozo,
Avril Rodrigues and Canon D’Souza


There were about 25 solos  and about 6 Duet contestants in the first audition round at Panaji

Judges: Anthony San and Fr. Domnic Alvares
Compere: Agnelo de Borim

Please excuse names spelling mistakes etc - Correct me please email
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Finalists list

Meet young Finalist - Jatin Chari

Pics - Young Jatin

Margao audition
There were over 85 solo and 12 duets singing contestants
However, I missed some in the beginning as I arrived 30 mins late (my bus arrived late :-))
So, I witnessed about 78 solos only, watch long video..

Here is a selection of solo singing

Video1 Solo singing:  A selection

Video 2:  1hr 15min long
Covering about 78 singers

Video 1: Margao Auditions - Duets all
Longer (16.5mins)
Video 2: Shorter 12.5 duets all

Following are the Duet singers

Movin Fernandes and Reza Fernandes

Avina Furtado and Colin Furtado

Lopes and Simran Mascarenhas
 Franky Oliveiro and  Clarina Fernandes
Jason Fernandes and

Lester Baretto and Fernandes
Hazel Fernandes and

Valery Da Costa and Jude Silveira

Jolrence  Pereira and Krisann Fernandes

Wilma Dias and Anson Gomes

Pricy da Gama and Lloyd Jose Camilo

Elaine Pinto and Pierson D'Costa

Video: 1
Panaji Audition
Duets  all

Video 2 - Solos Panaji

Version 1 (Shorter 17mins)

Version 2 ( Longer 23 mins)


Please excuse names spelling mistakes etc - Correct me please email

Celina ?

Senozel ?

Muriel Fernandes

Synora Gonsalves

Cipriano D’Souza

Canvell Braganza

Alrica Fernandes

Alina Nazareth

Stefny Pedroso

Steffi Pereira

Shenaya Pereira

Lindsay Angelo Fernandes

Myron Dias

Clarisa Camilo

Cyder Dias

Neville Cardozo and Reina Azavedo

Melicia Lobo


Josiah Rebello

Karen Fernandes

Dancia Pires
Shenaya Pereira and Cameron Fernandes

Elton Dias and Alina Nazareth
Neville Cardozo and Reina Azavedo

Maria Afonso and Myron Dias

Ralph Mascarenhas and Fernandes

Josiah Rebello and Tancia Pires

Compere: Agnelo de Borim

Judge Anthony San

Judge Fr. Domnic Alvares


Others flyers etc

Previous years contests
Year  2015

Year 2014

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