Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Picnic at Khandepar River - with Goans singing, cooking etc

It’s Summer time
Picnic Time
Bathing time

We never heard of this popular and busy picnic spot.
All we knew was ‘kolem’ near Dudhsagar and we been there at least twice by Train.
This spot (Khandekar or handepar) is about 8-12 kms from Ponda city.
In the pic/ video clip you will see two spots.
The usual popular one is about 3-4 kms before the dam or bundh which is situated in the spice plantations.

 Unfortunately, we did not enjoy the flow at the dam as today  (31.5.11).
was the day when they remove the plates to level the river water flow due to oncoming  monsoon.
There may be a charge of Rs.10 per head for visitor picnicking at dam/bund area (spice plantation but there is nothing much to see).

Loud music, dance, food like pulay, biryani (one can see in the clip a group carrying a large ‘anddo’.
Once can even see spot friong of rechad bangdde’ etc on a gas stove.
Weekend must be pretty crowded here. We visited on Tuesday.
About 10 minutes walking involved from the main road as no vehicle allowed inside.
No food or ice creams availabe around. One has to carry his own.

Here are some pics
Spot frying stuffed Mackerels (Rechad Bangdde)

Xit Koddi  or having lunch in the river
diving time

The  video – Singing, eating, bathing etc
or HD

The  dam or bundh across the river –Khandepar
All plates were removed today 31.5.11

Large palm fruit plantation (looks like date trees).
Looks very beautiful as they are grown in rows.
I think Palm oil extracted from  palm fruits. See pics.
Palm fruit when taken off the tree

More info
The main source of Opa water works is River khandepar originating in Karnataka flows through Dudhsagar water fall. 
It serves about 30% of the Goa’s population (portable water) including Panaji and Agxi.
There are 21 mines in one kilometre radius of Khandepar River, so water lever may soon dries up.
Opa water works is the first water treatment plant of Goa. Its operation started during Portuguese regime in 1957
It’s about 2 kms away from here (we have not visited opa treatment plant)

Ponda Khandepar codar khodar kodra Vaktem opa


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the one shown on top of the page