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Ven. Fr. Agnelo - His Birth place (Anjuna), Rachol, Pilar etc

Talking Photos: Fr. Agnelo - His Birth place (Anjuna),
Last days at Rachol  (the pulpit, the bedroom),  the cemetery,

the grave, the Church, the Seminary, the Tomb at Pilar etc

All in one photo slide show - Anjuna, Rachol, Pilar..

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Venerable Agnelo D'Souza (Fr. Agnelo)

We left 11.30am for a short tour to Rachol Seminary, Church,
cemetery, Pilar
and Anjuna, back home at 7pm with two hour lunch break at a Rachol Restaurant.

Sadly, we could not get inside  the house at Anjuna as we were
told the inmates
of the house had gone out (Fr. Agnelo  brother's
(grand?)daughter- in-law and
her son). Hope I got it right.
Fr. Agnelo D'Souza was born in Anjuna Gaumvaddy in
Died at Rachol Seminary on 20th November, 1927
He was buried there at Rachol Cemetery.  see pic
His mortal remains were transferred to Pilar in 1939

When Fr. Agnelo was buried, the priest who performed the final rites
said 'I have just laid a Saint to rest'

'Saiba Sant Agnel, mhojea oslia patkeamchoi ugddas kor'

Birth Place / House (Anjuna)

Rachol Seminary

Pulpit – Here Fr. Agnelo collapsed while preaching and died
The next day 20.11.1927

Fr. Agnelo Bed / Room
In here He lived from 1918 till His death on 20/11/1927

the crucifix on the wall

At the Room Entrance /door

The Cemetery and Grave
Fr. Agnelo lay
buried here  till Jan.9, 1939.
His remains were transferred to Pilar
Monastery  on Jan.10, 1939

At Pilar

Related pic

Rachol Seminary -Church

The Main Altar

Beautiful side wall of the main altar

The Seminary -Rachol

Raitura Fort gate with church in the background

Mother of all Churches of Salcette
Rachol Church Our
Lady of Snows (1566)

More about the Rachol Church (Cumcolim Martyrs etc)

At Pilar Church today - Mass etc

the Mass

Pilar Seminary

finally, this is also today 19.11.10  at Pilar

Thank you for your time.

Latest Pics - Anjuna (Birth place and house)



a piece of Fr. Agnelo’s sweater used in the photo frame
background which He used to wear.

A list of family members – Parents, brother/sisters


Fr. Agnelo with other priests (an old pic)

Separate way to His room

A well in the compound

Fr. Agnelo fans  on Facebook (pl join)


All in one photo slide show - Anjuna, Rachol, Pilar..

Upated 19rh Nov. 2011

Ven. Fr. Agnelo D’ Souza feast celebrated today 19th Novemebr 2011
(83rd death anniversary of Venerable Fr Agnelo D'Souza – Died at Rachol Seminary on 20th November, 1927) Feast day normally is 20th November but since the 20th falls on Sunday, it was celebrated  a day earlier i.e. 19th Nov.

You may watch the 13 minutes video where I have included the Church, Campus,

Mass with Gospel reading – added the inside pics/altars of the church while Gospel reading going on in the background, Prayer for sainthood, again added images, brief touristic decription on Pilar when one can pause or ‘freeze’ to read it all.

People at the Tomb, Statue, the feast feri / fair with cheurisam etc

You may also visit the blog which was created earlier with latest updates

Today’s video

Today’s fest pics

iOur Lady  in saree?


Feri poskotte


Katt -konngam


Church facade


Feast video 19.11.11

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