Saturday, 14 February 2015

Goa Carnival 2015

Goa Carnaval, Carnival, Intruz, street dance, floats, khell etc

Starts Saturday 14th Feb till Tuesday 17th  Feb. 2015

Floats parades as follows (Govt. organised)
Saturday: Panaji 3.30pm
Sunday: Margao and Ponda
Monday: Vasco and Curchorem/Sanvordem
Tuesday: Mapusa and Shiroda also Curtorim, Quepem, Cansaulim

For  Goa Carnival 2016 visit here
Panaji Floats video  14.2.15

Thank you guys.

Many may not believe, this project including 314 photos started 9pm  and finally ready into youtube at 1pm next day, 16 hrs non-stop, not even night sleep.  Thanks again for you support
To do full justice to all participants, another extended video of over 1hour duration is uploaded
Check it out here

Panaji Floats Pics 14.2.15
Viva Carnival 2015
King Momo and his entourage

 Good Res. pics

 Just a royal carriage / vehicle (All 3 sides view)

Low Res.

Navy Brass Band
More Pics
Over 280 pics added (Total 314)
Follow the links below and browse within
Salt Pan
Konkan Railways
Bullfights under Police nose
Save Frogs
Car Classic

Goan fruits

Tradition - feni distillery

Carnival Khell 2015

 Khell or Zomnivoile khell  or Partio by Jack de Colva

Sort of musical Street play

Band with James (Trumpet), Telzia (KB)

with crowd
Mike funnel, Ahuja

Video: Khell

Cansaulim Carnival
Organised by CVAC

Goenchi Caju Fenni - Dancing, Distillery, Bhatti etc


Kunbi songs/ Dance/ Tiger cub
Mask men
Save Mother Nature – With Kids

An unusual street wedding, dancing, bull riders, video shooting,

Dancing in the streets
A crowd view – T B Cunha Sports Complex
Carnaval revellers  TAF Boys
Shruti Naik
Band Dynamix, crowd etc
The Stage, King Momo, Queen, Minister Alina, Agnelo, Carol etc
Ramponn, Voddem, Ramponnkar, live fish, fishing net, Canoe
Late Matanhy Saldanha
Statue recently installed at the square, cross roads
Son of Cansaulim
Police Mama obstructing people’s view
Host / Compere

Video Cansaulim -17.2.15

Curtorim Carnival
Curtorkars Carnaval
Floats 17.2.15

King Momo Carriage

Not very impressive


With Local MLA etc

a pair of jokers
Say no to Smoking and Alcohol
Dancing in the streets
Purvoz Goenkar
Ancient Goa
Saw Mill (Manual)
With hand Saw
Pez, Peje Pollgo, doulo, Maittul or mattul

all about Goan fruits
Jackfruits, Papaya, Watermelons, Custard Apples, Mangoes
typical Bhatcar or Bhattkar / Landlord

children train
Honey bee, wings etc
Bamboo and Coconuts tree items, basket, rafters, anxe etc
Flowers grown on car
Flowery car

Goa Mining Scam Victims plight
Mining barge rolling on Curtorim streets
Land tiller
Old and new Generation
Save Lion

Motorised cycles
Carnaval revellers
Carnival spirit
Men dressed as girls
Cigarettes Pack thatched car
Smoking causes cancer
andhaa Kanoon
Blindfolded Lady justice
fish Market
netted fish
fishermen net
go karting ?
Masks sale at market
Canoe boat
A view of Curtorim lake , Church
Maina St. Rita Church in the background
a roadside house, bungalow
a kissing Artiste

Video: Curtorim 17.2.15

Video:  Quepemkars Special - Purvoz Goemkars
Manual Saw Mill, Rip-sawing by hands

Video: Caju Distillery etc

Video: Goan Fruits special

Cortalim Khell
At Junction, Main road
Khell my Partick Dourado on 15.2.15

Video - Cortalim Khell


VIdeo: Preparations

Live program at Samba Square

Garcia de Orta Garden

Band Cascades

 Jus Leo n Zie

Samba Square


Porvorim circle

Video: Band Cascade 13.2.15
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