Friday, 11 May 2012

Konkan Fruit Fest 2012 (Goa)

May 11-13, 2012
Campal promenade,
Panjim Goa
organised by Botanical Society of Goa (BSG)
supported by CCP and Amchi Ponnji

Fruits bouquet

Banana mangoes

suran tuber


Koita Mangoes


Ribbed Cherries

We call this AMBSAM

Desmondji Wines



ponnos, Miguel (BSG), Media etc

Organic wines

Lemons plant with lemons


more pics from day 2

Exotic fruits

Stage infront of Wartime cannon

crowd on day 2 at 8pm


rush for free cashew nuts, some with bags

Cashew nuts shelling machine
Shells upto 24 kgs per hour (too slow ?)
Cost Rs.3.25 lacs (too expensive?) also seen in the video clip- coming soon

DB Road
Parking fine as long as the event is supported by CCP?

 Public awareness by GOACAN
Zero Tolerance to Corruption
Govt. of Goa
Any complaints, report to
ACB Supdt. of Police 2232733
Adl. Director 2226189

Day 3 Pics

Shelling Machine (Cashew nuts)

Mango grafts

 with mango on it

Pineapple ? with plant

 goancan with roland martins


Crowd day 3


Video 1 - Slides

Video 2

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Baina Beach Summer Festival 2012

Baina beach Summer Festival 2012
29th April -5th May
Organised by Murmugao Municipal Council
Vasco da Gama

Day 6

Here are some pics

(Click on links for bigger view/reading)

The beach

This is also Baina beach – the latest one

the lifeguard on guard

the stage setup

Kids bathing

kids building sand castle or temple

at dawn

Beach volleyball

the proposed beautification plan - see it bigger here
CM Parrikar says, Baina picture will change within one year.
He also suggested to take pictures of it now and compare it next year.

Well, I have all the pictures and videos of the Baina beach
Including the shitting beach and hutments within CRZ or
within HTL

Here is the latest one – captured just today

the chief minister Manohar Parrikar with Local MLA Carlos Almeida and Councillors

Kids dance Competition

Roma and Lenoy Gomendes
Konkani Musical troupe
Aniceto, Sonia Shirsat, Bab Andres, Kistu de Calangute, Anthony San, Clarissa,
Roma, Ave etc

Sonia shirsat and lenoy gomendes

Sonia Shirsat and Lenoy Gomendes

Roma and Lenoy Gomendes
Kistu de Calangute as Anna Hazare

A section of the Crowd

The temples on the beach

Video 1 - Beach, Manohar Parrikar etc

Video 2 - Konkani Songs