Saturday, 24 August 2013

Divar Bonderam 2013, Piedade Youth Association

Traditional Flags Festival of Divar
Piedade Youth Association (PYA)
30 years of Celebrations
24th August 2013

5 floats from 5 groups viz Vitozem, Primeiro, Maddant Stars, Romantic and Jingle Bells
Chief guest dy. Chief Minister Shri Francisco D'Souza with local MLA Pandurang Madkaikar

Floats started just after 4.45pm.
After the first float, they welcome the guests on stage etc
After the second float, there was a souvenir release ceremony followed by VIP speeches but 'vote of thanks' was the longest.. this long breaks made people to rush inside the barricades / parade street thus obstruction clear view of the general public.  Many police were there inside the barricade but they simply did not care.

Some pics and Videos

At Ferry point

 Bonderam at Piedade Divar

Traditional Fottash gun
chepllam or tirfollam used as bullets (Raw Sichnam / schezuan pepper)


Sup, touli, Kunnem, gurgureth etc

Bird Nest, feeding time

 Sea life, fish etc

Peacock , hibiscus flower etc doxinn


New Band ‘Confusion’

Highly Educated but unemployed

 Carrying cakes, cow-dung cakes

 Spices sale

 Stuff drying on the roof - spices, salt fish

 Traditional games,  Nokoria, godde, ring, gonj-bar or goind bal

 Traditional konddo  (Women’s rain wear in the fields)

With Peje pollgo

 Electronic gadgets or games

 Buddkulo / Moddki

 Bhoum gallop, xet moddop


Zoth ani Zoth kaxi
Man / farmer with his traditional rain wear Kamboll

the crowd

 Kids with Fottashio guns
chepllam or tirfollam used as bullets (Raw Sichnam / schezuan pepper)

Fresh farm produce
Bendde Dudhi vangim
Lady fingers, pumpkin, brinjal or aubergine

 Gurgureth buddkulo touli ou kunnem

 Dancing in the street, float parade


kids dancing

 Band ‘Konfusion’

 feeding cow straw

 Salt pan
Mitta agor

tonn ani xenna tapi
Straw and cow-dung cakes for kitchen fuel

Mrs Kitchen, Onions, storage jars etc

Storage jars, bhorni, garaffao, sorea karbo
Toram fou or foll, para etc

Sickle, niunnem tool for paddy harvesting

 Sup, tatt, harem, tempr, kaullo
On the roof

adolli, mirem vanttpa hator etc

Korondd ou batha kollo
Bamboo woven storage baskets for paddy grains


 Full ani caculo
Flower with butterfly

 Konddo, the women rain wear in the fields
Not any longer, now plastic sheet / cover used

 Playing traditional games
Sat 7 nokoreo
7 pieces of roof tiles


Godde, goddeani, milani etc Marbles

now playing with electronic gadgets, computer games etc

woman with clay pots

Land survey in the fields for new constructions
Disappearing fields

Video 1
Foto show

Video 2:  Floats

Video 3: Extended / uncut 47mins
dedicated to Divaddkars, particularly the participants of the floats

Friday, 16 August 2013

Patoienchem Fest at Socorro Church Square 15.8.2013

Patoienchem Fest
at Socorro Church Square 15.8.13
Organised by Socorro Socio-Art and Cultural Association, Porvorim Bardez, Goa

OMG, the food was so authentic that it's flavour said it all
Genuine Goan flavour of Pinagr, Prawn Curry ..
Ruchin, mhoji pottantli ghantt pasun kuxin sorli
Now, don't ask me what's 'Ghantt' for I don't know myself (literally, it is a 'knot' and not 'bell')
Sadly, I did not wait for xit-coddi and when I went for Pinagr 'its all gone'
Really, the urge or the craving made me sick and  I could feel that in my tummy
We then headed to Bao, a restaurant near Aldona-Corjuem bridge

The whole environment at the Church square will take anybody back to 70s and beyond
A treat to youngsters to know or to get a taste of Goa's past.
I could see the organisers putting in lot of their efforts to make the event a grand success.
Thank you.

Here are some of the pics that I would like to share with you 

Konddo, remember this?
Farmers’ rain wear (Women folks)

 Patoyo or patolleo


 Dhorji with sewing machine makn

 Traditional home, indoor activities rice mill, flour mill (grinding stones) etc

 Goan food and sweet delicacies

 Pez or Khanji buddkulo

Local Parish Priest with Local MLA
Fr. Santan Carvalho and Rohan Khaunte

With Avertano Furtado and Benjamin d’Silva

Rohan, Vijay Sardesai etc

 Chonnekar, poskottkar etc

Our Alexyz at work

Bullock cart

 Mando Singing

Church Square

 Goan coddi, Prawn curry

In GT  Gomantak Times

NT Navhind Times

Video 1 - Traditional Goa - A trailer

Video 2 -  Ladies Chouko - Belgaumkar

Video 3  - Photo show

Video 4 - Extended footage about 35 mins

Visit here for 2015 Fest

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sangodd 2013, 2015 - Camoti wado, Candolim

Traditional Sangodd Festival celebrated at Camoti wado, Candolim on 15th August 2013.
This year it was dedicated to the son of the soil Late Aleixinho de Candolim as part of his birth centenary celebrations.
Many local as well as professional artistes participated.
Band by Agnelo Dias and group - Minguel de Arambol, John de Madel, Johny, Jeffry de Moira
Here are some pics
                         SANGODD 2015 
pics and video also added here - see below
Marcus Vaz


Saby de Divar


Dedicated to Aleixinho de Candolim /  Stage

Willie Silveira and Cajie de Curtorim


 Olga Singing

Anil Olga

 Rosario de Benaulim

More pics added

Teacher falls in love with her student
Young Shane and Stacey Mesquita

Ave – Derrick – Seby


Black Mandakini

in Navhind Times NT

Video 1 - Saby de Divar  on Davlikar

Video 2: Anton Misquit's  daughter Jocelyne 'Candolim'

Video 3.  Olga on Parrikar (Anil-Olga fame)

Video 4: Marcus Vaz on Opinion Poll / Jack de Sequeira

Video 5: - Assorted, General
Willie, Cajie de Curtorim, Rosario de Benaulim, Trio Ave-Derrik-Seby, Shane - Stacey, Maria Cardozo, Violet, Vhorty, Marcus Vaz, Saby de Divar, Anil - Olga, Jocelyne, Mandakini etc

Sangodd 2015

Sangodd - Singing onboard (Boats)
Camoti, Candolim Goa

Video - Singing
Lynn, Violet, Vhorty, Ducin, Paulu, S Lemos, Rosario de Benaulim, Baba Cielo,
Francis Pinto, Nazario Pinto, Stacey Mesquita


 Musicians - Nolvert, Luis Cota, Dexter Furtado etc


Video: S Lemos singing

Video: Young Ladies Trio

Video: Baba Cielo

Sangodd 2012