Friday, 16 August 2013

Patoienchem Fest at Socorro Church Square 15.8.2013

Patoienchem Fest
at Socorro Church Square 15.8.13
Organised by Socorro Socio-Art and Cultural Association, Porvorim Bardez, Goa

OMG, the food was so authentic that it's flavour said it all
Genuine Goan flavour of Pinagr, Prawn Curry ..
Ruchin, mhoji pottantli ghantt pasun kuxin sorli
Now, don't ask me what's 'Ghantt' for I don't know myself (literally, it is a 'knot' and not 'bell')
Sadly, I did not wait for xit-coddi and when I went for Pinagr 'its all gone'
Really, the urge or the craving made me sick and  I could feel that in my tummy
We then headed to Bao, a restaurant near Aldona-Corjuem bridge

The whole environment at the Church square will take anybody back to 70s and beyond
A treat to youngsters to know or to get a taste of Goa's past.
I could see the organisers putting in lot of their efforts to make the event a grand success.
Thank you.

Here are some of the pics that I would like to share with you 

Konddo, remember this?
Farmers’ rain wear (Women folks)

 Patoyo or patolleo


 Dhorji with sewing machine makn

 Traditional home, indoor activities rice mill, flour mill (grinding stones) etc

 Goan food and sweet delicacies

 Pez or Khanji buddkulo

Local Parish Priest with Local MLA
Fr. Santan Carvalho and Rohan Khaunte

With Avertano Furtado and Benjamin d’Silva

Rohan, Vijay Sardesai etc

 Chonnekar, poskottkar etc

Our Alexyz at work

Bullock cart

 Mando Singing

Church Square

 Goan coddi, Prawn curry

In GT  Gomantak Times

NT Navhind Times

Video 1 - Traditional Goa - A trailer

Video 2 -  Ladies Chouko - Belgaumkar

Video 3  - Photo show

Video 4 - Extended footage about 35 mins

Visit here for 2015 Fest


Silvan De Sa, Ambirna, Socorro said...

Excellent Video of the different communities of Socorro coming together to celebrate this event. Many thanks to JOEGOAUK and keep up the good work !

Maria Eugenia Fernandes said...

Most overjoyed to see my Socorro village come together to celebrate Patoienchem Fest. Keep it up! Bravo Fr. Santan!