Sunday, 29 July 2012

St. Ann Feast 29th July 2012 (State Festival)

As a part of preservation of Goa's Cultural Heritage, the traditional feast of Santana Church, popularly known as Touxeamchem Fest (cucumber feast), is celebrated as State Festival (by Govt. of Goa)
Modalities in this respect will be worked out in due course so as to celebrate the feast in a grande way in the comming years.
(subject to Terms & Conditions acceptance by the Church / the Bishop Palace )

The feast mass was to start at 10.15
We arrived 11.45
Parrikar Arrived 12.17
Mass got over at 1pm

The Parish priest was singing in the Congress tune not just once or twice, we observed 5 times from the time we arrived. (he says the work of Congress will always remain in their heart)
Keep naming Comgress, Digambar and Silveira all the times, it must be really embarassing moments to BJP who were there.
Congress Francis Silveira ex MLA was there siting right next to the altar (close to MLA Wagh) see pics

Foll. are feast pics

Fr. Joseph Salema and Fr. Lourdin Parish Priest


Local MLA Vishnu Surya Wagh

CM Parrikar and MLA Wagh

wagh speaking

Parrikar Speaking

Procession or Pursanv

Wagh in the procession

St. Anna, Pray for us

State Festival with Police Brass band

Traditionally, it touxeamchem fest (cucumber feast)

The renovation work of the Church taken up by the Indian National Trust for Art
and Cultural Heritage (INTACH ) at a cost of Rs. 4.88 crore was expected to
complete in 3 years from May/June 2008

Feast Choir

Past MLA Francis Silveira


Usual festa Muzg – Brass band

Welcome Chief Minister and MLA

Festa Chonne

Local MLA with Local Panchayat members (above)

Road leading to the Church

Mixed Khajem Rs.100
the shovio ladoos you see here as fast disappearing, I looked for it at Vasco Saptah
and I could not get it anywhere.

finally, my share of feast

Video 1 (Church, Mass, Procession, Police Band, Feri etc)

Video 2 (Local MLA and Chief Minister)

Video 3 (Photo Show with Goa Police Brass Band etc)