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Dona Paula, hotspot for Bollywood film shooting (Murder2 , Singham etc)

Dona Paula, hotspot for Bollywood film shooting

The most recent films Murder2 and Singham were shot here.
Singham has many scenes at Dona Paula including main fights –
typical of a super cop.

Feb: 2019
Dona Paula jetty is closed for tourist from late 2018 for renovation
when it will be re-opened still not known.
First half of it  still open though

Latest video: 29.10.19

Video: 27.12.2017

Video: 26.4.15

In one scene, the hero cop (Ajay Devgn) shown lifting a lamp pole
with round lamp (from the fence). There are no such lamps at the jetty.

It may be reminded that  1981 hit film EK DUJE KE LIYE
with Kamal Hasan, Rati Agnihotri etc was also shot here at Dona Paula.

Another peculiarity of Dona Paula is that the whole road leading to the
jetty is like a fashion street of Dhobitalau.
Readymade Garments exclusively sold by the locals

(no outsiders, no migrants vendors).

Another, favourite item of mine is 'smoked corn/Maize' Rs. 20
again, sold by the locals, something I only seen and ate at Dona Paula

Dona Paula
'Dona Paula' is like saying Lady Paula  (or for that matter Lady Diana).
'Dona' is the title given to married woman  or  is a Portuguese custom to address
married ladies and hence Dona Sylvia, Dona Alcina, Dona Terezinha, Dona Maria etc
Men are addressed as 'Dom' e.g. Dom Quixote, Dom Matin
(or even Dom Perignon which is also a  name of a person).
Goa was under Portugal regime for over 450 years or until 1961.
Dona Paula or Lady Paula was a daughter of a rich man (Viceroy) of a Portuguese family.
She was so helpful to the locals / villagers that the villagers changed
their original village name  to 'Dona Paula' which is named after her (Paula died in 1682).

So, it may be wrong to say 'a crow sitting on Dona Paula'

The sculpture or the statues seen at the Jetty (see pic) may have nothing
 to do with Lady Paula.
Although many versions or legends associated with it.
Tourist guides may tell different stories about it e.g.
 Dona & Paulo are two different persons or lovers etc 
The statues could be around 150 years old.

We visted Dona Paula this evening at 6pm (5.8.11)

Here is the video clip


Rop / garments sale (by the locals only)

The jetty
did you know?
There was a regular vapor or boat or Launch services to and from 
Mormugao (Vasco) Harbour from here.
Now, our Govt. talking about the sea-link project costing over Rs.1000 crores
plus STD 10% minister's commission etc.
New BJP Govt  (2012) not in favour of Sea-link
It may consider fast ferry services instead.

Road to Dona Paula

goraitai (Fishing / angling)

Dona Paula Main

Famous statues / monuments (May not be of Dona Paula)

Corn / Maize

updated Dec. 2011

Dona Paula

O Pescador with Star


Readymade Garments sale exclusively by Locals

Dangerous or corroded railings

How many dogs you can see?

Ramp for Jet Skiing or Water Scooting

Jet Ski ride Rs.200 per round of 1 minute
Rs.300 Aug. 2013
Rs.350 ? Oct 2019, 75 seconds drive

Jet skiing etc – Video

The service also seen runing during late August (watch Video Aug 2013)

Hilly development

Aug 2013 pics and video

Jet Ski / Water Scooter
A view of the Chapel from the Jetty where Feast is celebrated on 8th Sept every year

 The Jetty

Flowers Hibiscus /Doxinn

Stairs to the top

Dangerous Stunt photography

 View from the Top

 the Sculpture often mistaken as Dona & Paula

 Fishing / angling from below / rocks

A view of a cross

 Big brother watching – Camera or CCTV
A crow nest also seen

 Broken railings that need Govt. attention

Rusted poles

Stray dogs

Jet Ski dock

 hilly view

A view from the beach Hawaii

 Market. Shops Half days for 10 days closed preparation for the feast
30th Aug – 8th Sept every year?

Singham Ice cream or Singham Masala, Lime soda etc also not available

Dona Paula Videos:


Video: 30.8.13

Video 5/8/11

Dona Paula July 2010 -Video
Video 2010

Dona Paula  - March 2008  -
Vidoe 2008

Dona Paula also shown in this 1995 footage - Video

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