Thursday, 4 August 2011

August Month - Patollio or Patoddio or Patoyo

Patollio or patoyo are common with both Hindus and Christians in Goa.
Traditionally, dates for Patollio are Aust 5, 6 etc in the south (Salcette.Mormugao etc)
Many celebrate on 15th August.

Where as Goan Hindus celebrate it on Nag Panchami  which is today the 4th Aug. 2011.
Many Hindus will also prepare it on Ganesh Chaturti which falls on Sept.1 this year.

Patoyo or Patoddio are either baked on Tava etc
 or steamed (mostly steamed,  like that of San'nas /Idlies).

Main ingredients are:
Ground rice paste (some may even do with wheat flour etc, we used it too)
Grated coconut / Jaggery (godd) mixture for fillings
and offcourse, patolle panam (turmeric leaves as shown in the pic above)
(some even used pimpal leaves see pic/link and many even used 'Bendde Panan', 'Kelli Pannam'
 all other times' - We did with Pimpol and Benddi)

Click on any one and you will find there is atleast one which is common to all

Leaves and flowers (rare pic)

 amongst others (related) -Spices

With others (related2) - see Pimpal leaves - lower left

there are no leaves here but..

 or watch this - you will find the same is also appeared here
(amongst other Goan brands or trade marks)

This one made from banana leaves or kelli panan

see 'bhendde panan' here

here is another variety of wrappers (Ponnsa Panan / Jackfruit leaves)

Fole or pudde

Video of  other Goan brands or Trademarks

Thank you.

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