Saturday, 23 April 2011

Good Friday at various places (2011)

Good Friday at various places (22.4.2011)
About 18 Churches covered.
chicalim st. jacinto vasco da gama bogmalo velsao
cansaulim utorda majorda betalbatim colva benaulim
santana batim curca goa-velha agassaim cortalim pilar
in HD


with Train

Vasco da Gama
St. Jacinto

Santana –Talaulim

Our Lady of Rosary (1650)


colva Irmaos (A tradition of covering heads with op mus)

Benaulim Montir





Sunday, 17 April 2011

How salt is formed or produced? Pics & Video

How salt is formed or produced? Pics & Video

Salt pans, salterns, mitta agor
Common salt, Sodium Choride (NaCl), Rock Salt etc

A king once asked his 3 sons how dear he was to them
..and the youngest prince replied 'as dear as salt'
The king got angry and ordered his soldiers to take him away and kill..

'Mitta far'  (Salt gun?)

Mitta goddie or gollie (a piece of cloth dampen in salt water and place on patient's
forehead (to bring down the temperature/fever)

mitta ventoz (cupping therapy)

Mitta foll or fou (storage jar filled with salt water to preserve raw mangoes etc)

'Levannian gans marlo zalier soglem oinnem lagta'
Everything taste salt-less, if you are bitten by a water snake
(don't know how far this was true)

'Mitta Agor' always reminds me of my school time where we
had a lesson on 'Mitta Agor' in Konkani Devnagri.
'Mitt koxem toyar zata' was one of the sure questions in the examination
worth 15 marks (about 15 lines answer).
Also remember a man named 'Inas' with whom the kids went
to visit 'Mitta Agor'

Ok, here are some pics and video

Video clip




At sunset


Ready to use

Available for sale

Previous pics

Curca Road, Batim Goa-Velha

Mitta  agor also seen at Panjim-Ribandar, Assolna Road etc

Salt - How it is formed?

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Goa April / May Month Memory - Fruits

Very nostalgic, will bring back anybody's childhood memories

Here come April/May
What April/May months remind you of?

this 'Charam' I have seen and ate after many many
Infact, I even forgot about it. I saw at Margao yesteday

I even mistook it as 'Kannddam'


Pidkollam (Latest)

Flowers of pidkol

2in1 Chuna-Kanddam

I remember those days at Agassaim ferry, some local women used
to sell 25p per folo or cone


We used to leave early morning say 4am with about 1.5 mtr long
stick with hook to bring the faraway or overhead branches closer.

they were shining/visible under the moonlight (Chandnem) so,
before sunrise was the ideal time for this


There is a saying in Konkani
'Kantto lagle xivai Canddam mevonai'
One had to bear the pain of the spiky thorns

'Hanv gelolom Kannddank
ting dol mhujea anddank'
Padd podom tea Kannddamchem
Sodd mhojea anddachem'

Khazur or hazur (dates)

We use to cut off the 'xevok' full of orange tiny dates (see
bring home and leave in in the dark room usually under the
Next day you see upto 25% turned black and with 3 days 95% are


Wash it and apply little bit of salt and leave it out under
the sun for about an hou or so. Taste delicious.

We even used to make syrup out of it after deseeding it and
adding sugar and water.

'Kol Mama ani Kol Mamechi Kanni

Kol Mam bhonka pus-puson zamllam uddoita

Kol mamaghe ghor xennachem ani

Kolmameghe ghor mennachem'

Caju or Kaz (pl.Kazo )

Usually, we took a long creaper plant stem and stich them
together to make a 'gantonn'. Bring home wash,cut into 4 (throwing away the
bottom part of it (Kazu bonk) and sprinkle salt and then eat.

Kazu fenni, Kazu Urak, Kazu Niro, Kazu biyo ani



Everytime we went to the Zor (Spring) there was one large
three from where we used to eat 'Zam' (Wax fruit)

Few landlords' compound wall had some trees


It always made us sticky with 'Pank or Punk'
Then we used to aply oil to our hands and lips

Ponnos kitloi lipoun dovor
techo vas eiliya bohor rabona

Daddoun pikoilolea ponnsak ghost asona

Voklen ghore nak-nak munn deddxem ghore khaile

Gone are those days where we used to get large Mancurad

Right now, at Panjim market there is a small or mini variety
mancurad selling for Rs. 500 for 6 but the
size was like that of 'gonttam'

Ambea ambea dhink tuka, ambo maka

Please  visit JoeGoaUk's fruits Stall at
Konkan Fruits Fest at Campal
end of this month
i.e. 29th April-1st May 2011