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How salt is formed or produced? Pics & Video

How salt is formed or produced? Pics & Video

Salt pans, salterns, mitta agor
Common salt, Sodium Choride (NaCl), Rock Salt etc

A king once asked his 3 sons how dear he was to them
..and the youngest prince replied 'as dear as salt'
The king got angry and ordered his soldiers to take him away and kill..

'Mitta far'  (Salt gun?)

Mitta goddie or gollie (a piece of cloth dampen in salt water and place on patient's
forehead (to bring down the temperature/fever)

mitta ventoz (cupping therapy)

Mitta foll or fou (storage jar filled with salt water to preserve raw mangoes etc)

'Levannian gans marlo zalier soglem oinnem lagta'
Everything taste salt-less, if you are bitten by a water snake
(don't know how far this was true)

'Mitta Agor' always reminds me of my school time where we
had a lesson on 'Mitta Agor' in Konkani Devnagri.
'Mitt koxem toyar zata' was one of the sure questions in the examination
worth 15 marks (about 15 lines answer).
Also remember a man named 'Inas' with whom the kids went
to visit 'Mitta Agor'

Ok, here are some pics and video

Video clip




At sunset


Ready to use

Available for sale

Previous pics

Curca Road, Batim Goa-Velha

Mitta  agor also seen at Panjim-Ribandar, Assolna Road etc

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