Sunday, 27 April 2014

Gaundalim - Cumbharjua Bridge

Construction of 4 lane, 400m long bridge started in Nov/Dec 2012.
As of 2012 rates, it was to cost Rs 43.97 Crores and was expected to complete in 16 months.
16 month period ended as of March 2014.

The bridge when completed, would reduce distance Panjim-Bicholim/Sankli by at least 10Km.
(One need not take Old-Goa Banastarim, Marcel Road)

The bridge has curved Steel Arch which (see pic) is made onsite? and is 80m long and 250T Wt.
It will be lifted and placed between the two sections of the bridge connecting Gaudalim and Cumbharjua

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar says (As per news papers dtd 24/4/14)  the bridge will be Inaugurated on May 30, 2014, which is very unlikely, going by the work status as of 25.4.14
(See pics and Video).

Out visit to the site on 25.4.14
Some pics and Videos


Video - 3 sections


Old-Goa side

View from below


View from the ferry

Cumbharjua side approach road

a house on top

 A tank above

Section of the bridge (Cumbharjua side)

display board

 On the way to Gaundalim bridge / Ferry
Train, Tunnel, Level Crossing, Gaoundalim
Near Old Goa


Video: 1 New Bridge status 25.4.14

Video 2: Railway Lever Crossing with Tunnel Over bridge also coming up here soon

Video: 3 Gaundalim Feast St. Braz

Video 4: Bal Ganesha (Ganesh Chathurti Dhekava) at Cumbharjua 2009

Dancing Gods, Cumbharjua - Dekhava 2010

Friday, 18 April 2014

Good Friday at Saligao, Calangute, Parra, Candolim, Arpora, Guirim, Porvorim, Nerul, Sinquerim etc

Good Friday at  Saligao, Calangute, Parra,  Candolim, Pilerne, Nagoa, Arpora, Baga, Guirim, Porvorim, Nerul, Sinquerim etc
18th April 2014

This time I saw Parra Church and Guirim Church for the first time


Reis Magos Verem
Arrived too early  3.50pm


Sinquerim, Aguada










Nagoa – Arpora – Baga
Holy Trinity Church

Thorns crown


Clergy Home, Porvorim

Holy Family Church
Alto Porvorim


Panjim Church
7.40 pm

Video 1: Good Friday at various places (12 places)
Video plays in the foll. order
Verem, Nerul, Sinquerim, Candolim, Pilerne, Saligao, Calangute, Nagoa - Arpora - Baga, Parra, Guirim, Clergy home Porvorim, and Holy Family Church Alto-Porvorim

Video 2A: Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Procession etc at Nagoa - Apora - Baga Church
Removing / Lowering  the image from the Cross etc

Video 2B ( Short Video as above)