Sunday, 25 November 2012

Old Goa 2012 - St. Francis Xavier Novena, Feast etc

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Updated: 3.12.12  (Feast day)

The feast mass concelebrated by main celebrant Archbishop of Delhi Anil Couto,
and co-celebrants Archbishop of Goa and Daman Filipe Neri Ferrao,
 Archbishop Emeritus Raul Gonsalves, Bishop of Sindhudurg Alwyn Baretto etc


Archbishop Felipe Neri and others


Blessing from the  Bishops


Feast day video coming soon

following are dated 25.11.12, novena

Main altar, Theme etc



St. Ignatius  Loyola  ( I thought He was SFX til I was 18)

I too spent nights here…
Mass Timings / Schedule

Steps / ladder to the Church bell

Festa Cheurisam


Festa Chonne


Kaddio –boddio

Konkani VCDs  Sale /Stall

Follwoing  pics added nest day

Saint Francis Xavier


Behind the Basilica of Bon Jesus





a tourist doing stunt

Visit back  here for more pics and video..
Video 1 (Part I)

Video 2 (Inside Basilica, Feri etc)

Video 3 ( Feast day, Mass etc)

Video - Exposition 1994


Monday, 12 November 2012

Narkasur 2012 (Panjim, Goa)

Click here for Narkasur 2015 (9.11.15)

Here are some of the finest from Panjim area. mostly from St. Inez

At Taj Vivanta, St. Inez

Opp St. Inez Church / colony

I like this one.. Batman

Avenida J Silveira Road, leading to Altinho

the one near GT, was still not ready at 8.30pm (seen in the video)
So also the one on Altinho Road / Slope (Shown in the Video)

This is at New Herald Office
Campal Trade Centre / TAG

Near Tonca Sewerage plant

tonca, Dempo Bhat
Lovely Boys

Happy Diwali


Previous years Narkasur Videos



4 in 1 Pic of 2008

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Moira Church, Cemetery etc

Church Square

Our lady of Lourdes Grotto

The Church (1636)

Church facade

Our Lady Immaculate Conception
Main Altar

Sant Anton / St. Anthony

rear view of the church

 Church bell at the rear

Some Funeral Carriage carts from Moira Cemetery Museum

 3in1 Carriage carts (Mona gaddo)
4 wheel push - cart

Two wheel cart – Never seen this before

New cemetery Copel-maran (Chapel)

Now Check this out..

Haddamchi Baim (Human bones well) about 5 mtr deep well

Video 1 (Moira Church etc