Thursday, 24 January 2013

Cuncolim, Goa

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Cuncolim always reminds of of  'Martyrs'
They say 'Cuncolkar Martyr mele'

Cuncolim also reminds of of Sharon's song
Moddgovan Prasar ubim astona
Cuncolechi Bosichi vatt poitanam..

It also reminds me of 'ambea kol' (a mango on a tree half eaten by crows birds/squirrels etc)
where we simply call it 'kol',  Cuncolcars call it 'kolarin'.
Colarin is also a name of  persons (females) in our area.

Here are some of the historical pics of Cuncolim

St. Francis chapel (1583)
Where the bodies of 5 mudered priests were dumped in a well - see pics



Main altar

 The well under this Marble stone

Stone plate when lifted

the well with water level

another marble stone plate

 more info on the Chapel

More pics taken Dec. 15.2015
Church (1604)
Church was built at the place of Massacre of 1583

Main Altar – Our Lady of Health

St. Francis Chapel
Madicotto, Cuncolim.
was the site where the bodies of the 5 murdered priests were dumped in a well here.
The well still exists inside this chapel, see pic

Main Road, Market area, BP Petrol Pump, Municipal Hall, Hotel Navadeep

Cemetery AMFT, Bones in the wall
Grave digging, Pedo

Short Video - 15.12.15

 at the cross roads / junction

Market Road / NH17

cucolim Market Complex - Stone plate / Politicians

 Chieftains Memorial

marble stone with inscription

chieftain Memorial under renovation - Pic May 2013

 Martyrs Chapel
Remains closed

At the Altar of St. Anna, Se Cathedral, Old Goa

Cuncolim church (1604)
Our Lady of Health



Main Altar

Sacrament of Confirmation (Krizm)
Archbishop of Goa, Most Rev. Filipe Neri Ferrão
19th Feb. 2011, Church of Our Lady of Health
Cuncolim, Goa

watch a
video clip 2011

infront of the church - Krist Rei

Main Road / Market
Christ the King

Shabu babani Desai
Freedom fighter, opinion poll hero

Cine Paradise
Now a Wedding party hall

What’s this?
Mull Stan
Shantadurga Kunkolikarin

Cuncolim Police Station

 Cuncolim Bus Stand

Balli Railway Station

FATORPA, nearby Temple village

Fatorpa - Temples of Shantadurga Cuncolienkarin, Fatorpekarin, Shri Vetal...

Reminds of M Boyer's song
(That played on All India Radio Panaji)
Dogaim ami sangatan vechim,
Fatorpyam Zatreku Dila, Fatopiyam zatrek

Well, this is the first time I been to Fatorpa, (Dec 2012) that comes after Cuncolim, Goa.

Some pics..

Shri Shantadurga Cuncolienkarin Vijayte

Gate / Arch

Temple (External)




Inside the temple

the Goddess – Cuncolienkarin

 Rath (Temple Chariot)


Shree Shantadurga Fatorpekarin

Gate / Arch


Rath (Temple Chariot)

the Temple (External)


the Goddess – Fatorpekarin

Temple ‘Talli’ or Tali

inauguration of the developed Tali
by Ramakant P angle MP in 2003


Shri Vetal Devasthan



Deity Vetal

A small well with brass pulley at the gate

Video 1 (Cuncolikarin Temple)

Video 2  (Fatorpekarin Temple)

Video 3 (Vetal Temple)

A church nearby
Our Lady of Fatima,
Cotto, Fatorpa

CUNCOLIM, with historical places

Sunday, 6 January 2013

3 kings feast Cansaulim 2013 - Kings journey

3 kings feast
Cuelim, 6th January 2013


Riding on the road

on horseback


with crown

 the Chapel upon the hillock
my friend Alberto Cunha


 the 3 kings together

off crown

 Video 1 ( Kings Journey)