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Ven. Fr. Agnelo - His Birth place (Anjuna), Rachol, Pilar etc

Talking Photos: Fr. Agnelo - His Birth place (Anjuna),
Last days at Rachol  (the pulpit, the bedroom),  the cemetery,

the grave, the Church, the Seminary, the Tomb at Pilar etc

All in one photo slide show - Anjuna, Rachol, Pilar..

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Venerable Agnelo D'Souza (Fr. Agnelo)

We left 11.30am for a short tour to Rachol Seminary, Church,
cemetery, Pilar
and Anjuna, back home at 7pm with two hour lunch break at a Rachol Restaurant.

Sadly, we could not get inside  the house at Anjuna as we were
told the inmates
of the house had gone out (Fr. Agnelo  brother's
(grand?)daughter- in-law and
her son). Hope I got it right.
Fr. Agnelo D'Souza was born in Anjuna Gaumvaddy in
Died at Rachol Seminary on 20th November, 1927
He was buried there at Rachol Cemetery.  see pic
His mortal remains were transferred to Pilar in 1939

When Fr. Agnelo was buried, the priest who performed the final rites
said 'I have just laid a Saint to rest'

'Saiba Sant Agnel, mhojea oslia patkeamchoi ugddas kor'

Birth Place / House (Anjuna)

Rachol Seminary

Pulpit – Here Fr. Agnelo collapsed while preaching and died
The next day 20.11.1927

Fr. Agnelo Bed / Room
In here He lived from 1918 till His death on 20/11/1927

the crucifix on the wall

At the Room Entrance /door

The Cemetery and Grave
Fr. Agnelo lay
buried here  till Jan.9, 1939.
His remains were transferred to Pilar
Monastery  on Jan.10, 1939

At Pilar

Related pic

Rachol Seminary -Church

The Main Altar

Beautiful side wall of the main altar

The Seminary -Rachol

Raitura Fort gate with church in the background

Mother of all Churches of Salcette
Rachol Church Our
Lady of Snows (1566)

More about the Rachol Church (Cumcolim Martyrs etc)

At Pilar Church today - Mass etc

the Mass

Pilar Seminary

finally, this is also today 19.11.10  at Pilar

Thank you for your time.

Latest Pics - Anjuna (Birth place and house)



a piece of Fr. Agnelo’s sweater used in the photo frame
background which He used to wear.

A list of family members – Parents, brother/sisters


Fr. Agnelo with other priests (an old pic)

Separate way to His room

A well in the compound

Fr. Agnelo fans  on Facebook (pl join)


All in one photo slide show - Anjuna, Rachol, Pilar..

Upated 19rh Nov. 2011

Ven. Fr. Agnelo D’ Souza feast celebrated today 19th Novemebr 2011
(83rd death anniversary of Venerable Fr Agnelo D'Souza – Died at Rachol Seminary on 20th November, 1927) Feast day normally is 20th November but since the 20th falls on Sunday, it was celebrated  a day earlier i.e. 19th Nov.

You may watch the 13 minutes video where I have included the Church, Campus,

Mass with Gospel reading – added the inside pics/altars of the church while Gospel reading going on in the background, Prayer for sainthood, again added images, brief touristic decription on Pilar when one can pause or ‘freeze’ to read it all.

People at the Tomb, Statue, the feast feri / fair with cheurisam etc

You may also visit the blog which was created earlier with latest updates

Today’s video

Today’s fest pics

iOur Lady  in saree?


Feri poskotte


Katt -konngam


Church facade


Feast video 19.11.11

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Margao Memories


My Margao Memories

Marliz where we had coffee and cakes
Grace church where  ‘novro’  used to meet prospective brides  ‘soirik’

Colva ambassador share a taxi stand

La Marina Alfred Rose song ‘Celina’

Camara de Salcette where we go to obtain Birth or
marriage Certificates etc
Some of Late Rosario Rodrigues troupe members  also worked here.

Farmacio Molio Salcette Navhind Menezes Amu

Amu Pharmacy where Tiatr Tickets were sold

Menezes -The only Pharmacy where live leeches were sold
(Re.1 for 4)  wrapped in a red/wet mud

Lakkaki for dry cleaning of  ‘hat or suit’ and stain removing
Penguim for Icecream and Longuinhos for lunch Salcette
for soup

Noronha e Silva for / Zito Almeida religious books and

Raikar - The news paper agent where I bought Cine Times,
Udvadd, Novem Goem, Ixtt,

Romaxio, Blitz, Screen, Picture post etc

Raikar – Our family Photo Studio
Actually, I received my first communion from the hands of Jesus here (in a pic)

Govind Poi Raiturkar & fillos  Govind Poi Raiturkar & fillos etc for all
our hardware requirements
Such as dog chains, Nails, Sheets, Pulley for wells etc

TG Borkar (Est.1934) big que for new school books.
We gave the list to our mothers and they used to stay in
the Q for hours, whatever is not
available was not strike out on the list and the same was tried at Sambari
about 300 mtrs away

Pinpalkatta or Pimddakodde – Sorop, Makodd/Hetem show etc
we watched here (snake charmers etc)

Madgaum or Bombay Cafe for Tea Bhaji puri

Cloth merchants like MS Caro, Baboi, Palondicars,
Kurtarkar etc were popular with

‘Kazaro Rop’ wedding/bridal requirements. Their wall
calendars always displayed on our walls.
Little Sugancane juice centre next to Sambari, where we
had litre of fresh juice for Rs.2 (now 40).
Railway Station to go back home, sometimes to and from.
Carmelite Church I never knew it’s existence until I
attended someone’s wedding there.
Don’t know why my close neighbour chose this church when
We had churches close by.
And I still don’t know the difference between the two.
Cine Lata and Cine Vishant where we watched most movies
(Bollywood) and bought tickets in black most of the times ‘do kar chaar’ 
‘teen ka paanch’ or ‘ek ka do’
Meaning Rs.1.80 for  Rs.4, 3.20 for 5, 1.30 for 2
Marliz MMC Camara Garden Grace Church Carmelite Monastery
St. Sebastian Church Chapel Aquem Cine Lata Vishant Zito Almeida
Holy family House
Raikar photo Studio Madgaum cafe bombay cafe
Lakaki Laundry, Penquim, Longuinhos MS caro Farmacia
Molio Salcette Navhind Menezes Amu
Govind Poi Raiturkar & fillos Vissu Virgincars TG
Borkar Sambari Pipalkatta Kurtarkar cloth merchants poi palondikar  
CP da costa Sanrit Hotel station road  venctexa azrenkar etc

Some related pic

Some of the many Videos on Margao

Monday, 16 May 2011

Our Lady of Rosary Church (1550), Old Goa

This is the Church I never heard of before almost all my life time
It was only during the last year ( Sept 2010), when I saw it while travelling to 

Old Goa via river Mondovi by a launch.
Finally, visited the church on 3rd May this year (2011) at Monte Santo (Holy hill).

Amazing! How do they do that?
It does have some similarities like that of a fortress with beautiful view of river
Mandovi overlooking islands of Divar etc

It’s very close to the Santa Monica Convent or Christian Art Museum.
Not very far from the ruined church of St. Augustin
The Feast of Our Lady of Rosary celebrated here in October

It is said that
- Church of our Lady of Rosary was constructed at the site where Bijapur Sultan

was defeated by
Portuguese leader Alfonso de Albuquerque in the year 1510
- Construction work of church was started in the year 1544 and took almost six years

to complete.
- The church was build in fulfillment of a vow taken by Afonso De Albuquerque
- St. Francis Xavier used to preach (teach catechism ) here every evening.

- One of the Oldest Churches of Goa

Video Clip

azment tum bott, soitan tum podd, Jezus mak’ mell (Holi water Basin)
Pulpit (Pulpitr for Xermao)
two of the three Altars
It also has two Chapels – see video

the Main Altar – Nossa Senhora de Rozario
Hindi / English Inscription

A plaque on the Church wall
Deste Alto Asistiu
Afonso de Albuquerque
EM 25 - XI – 1510 A
Reconuista de Goa
(some one pl translate)
The main door
Church View from the riverside

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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Feast of Our Lady of Grace - Bicholim (14.5.11)

14th May, 2011

Feast of Our Lady of Grace celebrated today the 14th May 2011
at Bicholim Parish.
The concelebrated Feast Mass was at 9am, Fr. Tony Salema,

Rector of Minor Seminary, Saligao was the main celebrant.
At the end of the Feast Mass, when devotees line up for kissing of
the Image of Our Lady, the parish priest requested all to take
for exit where Cake and cold drinks offered to all (including us).

Tonight at 7pm there is a tiatr ‘Bapa, Tankam bhogos’

Here are some pics (Vidoe also available see link below)

 The inside of the Church:

6 priests concelebrated high mass
With Fr. Tony Salema (Rector Saligao Seminary), Fr. Diogo Rodrigues,
Fr. Mario Menezes, Fr. Paul Fernandes, Parish Priest & Asst. Priest

 Our Lady of Grace
Bicholim Feast 14.5.11 - A Video

 Kedem Maye Tujem naum
Manta Tuka soglo gaum
Aiz ami magunk ailyanv
Amche vhoir Tujem besaum (2)

Amche  Graça Saibinni
Aiz Tujea Payam lagim
Visvasan ailiyant ami
Rannie aik amchim magnnim
Listen to the above orasao / Hymn here

Bicholim is about 51 Kms from our place

Sunday, 1 May 2011

'Jezu-Nozrem' feast at Siridao, Goa

Talking Photos: Happy Feast to all 'Shirdonkars' (Jez-Nozrem)

'Jezu Nozrem' feast celebrated today at Siridao Chapel on 1st May 2011

The fesat mass was at 10.15am.

The popular feast always celebrated on the second Sunday of Easter.

The feast also known as 'Pejechem Fest' where  traditionally Pez or Canji
 is served to all free of cost.
Bowl or maittul and Pickle or Mistkutt  one has to buy from the vendors.
Usually cost Rs.20 &  10 respectively.
Some seen carrying their own steel or alluminium bowls.

This feast always reminds of my mother who never missed the 'Pejechem

I asked her once  what's  the difference bwtween the 'Pez' we always cook
 at home and the one which is served ar Siridao feast?
She replied 'Deva Payamkoddchi pez'
According to her, the 'pez' had some medicinal value or cure.

Inside the Chapel there is a huge image of Jesus 'Ecce Homo' (see pics)

Watch video  HD


Padri ani mis

Parish Priest ?

Part of Pursanv (Flags?)

Pirjent ani pursanv

Pursanv or procession

Saibinn mai altracher

Festa lok / Mis

Furis by the Chapel

Ecce Homo

Our Lady full of Marigold / Rozam

Saibinn with angel


Festa Cheurisam

Maittulam / bowls for pez
Rs.20 each

You get ‘Ponnsa gore’  too (to go with Pez)

Angovnn (Waxy bodies Rs.80 and 40

Scented fans also available here

Festa Muzg

Festa Bhikarim

Festa Chonne

Festa Pez

Festa Tiatr

for Goa & NRI related info...

For Goan Video Clips