Sunday, 15 September 2013

Patto Plaza, Panaji - Goa's Nariman Point

Patto Plaza, Goa’s Nariman point – Panaji Goa
 a pictorial tour

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In the above video...
LIC, Corporation Bank, State Bank of India, Shiv Tower, Shram Shakti Bhavan, Sesa Ghor, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Jet Airways, Dempo trade Centre, Ginger Hotel,  Holy Cross,  Sewerage Treatment plant, new approach Road 2011, name plate inauguration by Digambar Kamat, Passport Bhavan / Passport Office, Passport Seva Kendra GIDC – Goa Industrial development Corporation, Dempo Tower, Parking bays two wheeler, four wheelers,  Pay parking , Free Parking, Parking Tariff board, Rua de Ourem – Road, bridge, creek,  Town and country Planning, Goa State Pollution Control board,  Circles, junctions, round-about, Sanskruti Bhavan, Goa State Cetral Library, Goa State Museum (crying for attention), Bank of India, Kamat Towers,  Star House,  Gera’s Imperium I & II, Commissionerate of Customs, Central Excise&  Service Tax,  a view of Maruti gad temple, Aaykar Bhavan (Income Tax), BSNL  Goa Sanchar Bhavan, Bhavixai Nidhi Niwas, Bharat Petroleum Corporation, Ambrosia, SPACES,  WRITER safeguard security vans, Citi Centre, Canara Bank,  Bicholim Urban Co-operative Bank, an abandoned building project etc
New Patto Plaza inauguration name plate Feb 2013 by Parrikar etc

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Also in the Video (Coming soon)

Freedom  Group Travels,  SC & OBC Corporation, Employee Provident Furnd Organisation, Country Inn and Suites- Carlson, ESI Dispensary – Panchdeep Bhavan, Census House, Myles High, Saraswat Bank, ICICI Prudential, Help desk for Laadli Laxmi and Griha Adhaar,

This video was made in 2007 - pl watch and compare
(last pic work in progress was Gera's)

Some new pics

Holy Cross Chapel
Sewerage treatment plant

Passport office

Dempo Tower

Dempo Trade Centre

Kamat Towers etc

 Dempo Trade Centre, Star House

New approach Road

A view of Maruti gad temple
From new approach road

 Income Tax and LIC
New Approach road

BSNL Sanchar Bhavan
New approach Road

 Shram Shakti Bhavan

Bhavishai Nidhi niwas

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd



Parking tariff chart

2 wheeler, 4 wheelers  pay parking

Sesa Ghor ICICI bank, HDFC bank Jet Airways

Road to old Patto bridge

 circle near Sesa Ghor
with Pay parking

 Security vans – Writer safeguard

 sesa ghor, Circle, citi Centre

Foot Bridge, Rue de Ourem
Access to Patto Plaza

Rua de Ourem road, creek bridge

 citi Centre
an abandoned building project ?

 SBI State Bank of India

Spaces / ambrosia

Could not get this unusual building name

ambrosia, spaces, SBI

 Ginger Hotel

Recently developed area

 Passport office / Bhavan seva Kendra
Goa Industrial Development Corporation GIDC

Pay Parking bay /Spaces cars

 ambrosia, spaces and SBI
Road to Central Library

Goa State Central Library
Sanskruti bhavan

A baker / Poder at the Library

 Circle / round about

 Goa State Museum                                                                                                                                       


Gera’s Imperium I & II

New approach Road, EDC Patto Plaza

Name plate –Inauguration

 FREE Parking on the new approach road ?

Free Parking area ? behind Gera’s Imperium


Video 1 - Sept 2013 - Photo Tour

A view from Maruti Temple / Altinho   Sept 2012

Video: This was made in 2007 - Photo show

Video Sept 2013 ( a video tour)

a view from Altinho Hillock
Maruti Temple

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(Show link) (Show link) New Central Library