Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Ganesh Chaturthi 2013, Goa

 Matoli items Panjim / Margao

Gonnsa Neurio

 Matoli Bazar. Promenade, Panjim




 Outside Panjim Market

 Matoli bazaar in darkness
Neglected Panjim City?
Matoli Bazar in darkness
This is the second year they faced the problem, some brought their own lights
nobody cares, it seems City neglected by the CCP and the Local MLA who is also the Chief Minister of Goa. A

as said. these lights will start functioning just in time of IFFI i.e. November

Video clip
Matoli bazaar Panjim / Margao 
Margao Matoli
Ganesh Chaturthi 2013

Matoli items for sale at Margao Pimpal Kata


Tirfollam or Chepllam
Divr Bonderam
Fottash gune bullets
Bangddeam koddi etc


Red buds


Podollim – Gandhi Market


Bedde or hopllam, most expesive item I think 350-400 per bunch




This is at Lohia Maidan

Netravali Matoli Bazar items sale for two days

6-7 Sept 2013, opened at the hands of Goa Chief Minister







This item I saw for the first time

Local name is Kairu

It grow on a creeper

People make Bhaji of it.

Taste bitter but its fine when cooked


wild Rock bananas


see a pic in the wild

Also seen along the dhudsagar Rly Tracks, Chorla ghatts

Rock banana / Wild plantain

Ensete superbum

video clip

Sarvajanik Dekhava from Panaji areas

Maruti gad, Mala
Hanuman Temple
Lord Porsuram whose arrow landed in Goa?


 Immersion of 1.5 day Lord Ganapati  at Ferry and Miramar Beach
10th Sept night 2013

 Moriya re Bappa Moriya re

bye-bye 1.5 day Ganapati

Ganpati Bappa Moriya Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar yaa 


Dempo s  Ganapati

into the ferry


Waiting to go into the ferryboat




Miramar beach / Shore


Taken to the waters


Paath on which the Lord sits


Taken out of the Car


On a cart or gaddo


taken for immersion

Panjim  KTC

KTC Kamat Canteen

Video: Panjim garden 11 day


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