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Karmali Railway Station, Goa

Karmali Station
Karmali = Carambolim = Kormbole
Konkan Railways Route. KR Zone
Taluka: Tiswadi, North Goa 403402
Tel:(0832) 2285798

Karmali / KRMI

2 kms from Old Goa Churches
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This Frontal Station pic taken in June 2009 (see more older pics below)

The same in Aug. 2014 (below)

Karmali Railway Station is 2 km from Old Goa. Walking distance 15mins. Rickshaw charging Rs.100 which is too high (Rs.40 normal). Taxi may charge 200 for short distance.
Check here Taxi pre-paid chart for different popular destinations. 
Those with light baggage can walk upto old Goa then take bus to Panaji (Rs.12). If you lucky, you might get a bus on the way from the Station, Bus will stop anywhere on the road. (Fare Rs.15 to Panaji). There are not many buses on this route, may be one every 30-40 minutes

Prepaid Taxi Chart - August 2014

Larger view / Reading

Trains Arrival / Departure Chart
Please note: Timings usually changes during Monsoon

Larger view

Train Ticket fare chart

Larger view

Tea, Samosa, Bhaji or Boje  from canteen, Tea Stall
Rs. 25 (7T +10+8)

Road opp Station, Main Road to North south Goa viz  Old Goa Panaji, Margao, Vasco

The Station

Taxi stand  
Towards Main Road
Hidden board creepers all around

Konkan Kanya Express
Footbridge platform guard
 Platform 1, 2, footbridge, Tracks etc

Platform ticket
If you are not a traveller, please buy platform ticket Rs.5 for entry into platform, valid for 2 hours

A view from the station
Chapel of Our Lady of Mount, Old goa

Height 7.354 above Main sea level (MSL)
Drinking water

Running water, wasting water
Station Park lawns
a hilly green view
carambolim Lake Church, hill view
Church of St John Facundo (1610), Corlim Goa
Road over bridge
Kochuveli - Lokamanya Tilak Train
Lake view
Platform 2

Leaking ceiling , water collected in a bin

Video: Double Decker Train

 Double Decker Train
The newly introduced DD premium  Ganapati Special Train was not very popular.
Journey time 11 hours stopping at thane, Panvel, Chiplun, Ratnagiri and Kankavli
It was full a/c chair (seating only) Bombay LTT to KRMI (Karmali) and back, on alternate days from
22nd August till 10th Sept making 10+10 trips up and down.  One train was cancelled  due to goods train derailment on the route.
It's actual load was  about 10-12% of it capacity which is around 960.
One time spotted  just 5 Pax alighting at Karmali the last station and the second time only 3.

Main reasons for poor response, I think,  not enough publicity and fare comparatively higher, more than 3AC fare of a regular mail/express train. 
These types of premium trains have dynamic  fare structure like that of Air Travel. Meaning, fare goes up as per demand.
Lowest fare was around 1,100 but it can go upto Rs.2,000. I tried once and it was showing up 1,550. It will only show up just before you enter your payment details
The fare includes taxes (around 50) and Catering charges which is around Rs.250.

Daily  Mandovi & Konkan Kanya fare from this station to Mumbai
Rs.380 Sleeper, 3AC Rs.1015, 2AC Rs.1465 and 1AC 2480
Mumbai Express  ex Madgaon 420 SL, 1100 3AC and 1570 2AC
Shatabdi Ex.  Madgao  Rs.270 and 930 AC Chair (CC)

By Road, Volvo a/c buses fare ranges from 700 to 1200)

Food on DD was good, according to a source (Inbound Pax). Plus free tea/coffee, welcome drinks etc
Premium Trains usually get all these/ Menu like that of Duronto and Rajdhani.
The train had one Pantry van and 1 or 2 Generator / Guard van (normal or STD size compartments) - see pic

Other reasons  could be:
- Ticket only through internet and not at booking counter.
- No reserve ticket like ladies quota, tatkal etc not even wait-listed tickets. No concession either. No half ticket, not even to children
- Once ticket bought no refund  except when the train is cancelled.
- No booking through agents
- There were others Ganapati special trains too on the  same route  or sector

Looks like the DD train never came on time, always delayed by several hours (like many trains)
except on it last trip it came around right time i.e. just after 4.30pm.

Each compartment has 120 seats.
One has to use steps (4 steps only) either to go down to lower deck or  up on the upper deck
Few seats also available at the entrance level. see seating plan chart


approaching, tracks

Upper deck

Lower deck

 Seating plan, 120  per compartment

 Pantry, generator, guard, luggage van

see the size/height difference of normal and double decker compartment

News update 18.9.14

(Not a PREMIUM train this time)            
It has been decided to run AC Double Decker special train between LTT and Karmali on Konkan Railway route during Durga Puja and Diwali to clear extra rush of passengers. The details are as under :
  1. Train no. 02005 / 02006 LTT – Karmali – LTT AC Double Decker special (Reserved) :
    Train no. 02005 LTT – Karmali will leave from LTT at 0530 hrs and reach Karmali at 1630 hrs same day. The train will run on October 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, and 30.
    Train no. 02006 Karmali – LTT will leave from Karmali at 0600 hrs and reach LTT at 1740 hrs same day. The train will run on October 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, and 31.
    The train will halt at Thane, Panvel, Khed, Chiplun, Ratnagiri, Kankavali, and Sawantwadi stations. The train will have 11 coaches, including 8 double decker coaches, 2 power cars, and one pantry car.
  1. Train no. 02005 / 02006 LTT – Karmali – LTT AC Double Decker special (Reserved) :
    Train no. 02005 LTT – Karmali will leave from LTT at 0530 hrs and reach Karmali at 1600 hrs same day. The train will run on November 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11.
    Train no. 02006 Karmali – LTT will leave from Karmali at 0700 hrs and reach LTT at 1740 hrs same day. The train will run on November 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12.
    The train will halt at Thane, Panvel, Khed, Chiplun, Ratnagiri, Kankavali, Sawantwadi, Kudal, Thivim stations. The train will have 11 coaches, including 8 double decker coaches, 2 power cars, and one pantry car.
Update: AC Double Decker Special will also stop at Kudal and Thivim stations.
    Looks like this time there is no Dynamic Fare structure,
(Not a PREMIUM train this time)   a  flat fare of Rs.800+22
net booking LTT-KRMI. (no free catering)
Also showing up 40/50% discount to Senior Citizens
Men (60)/Women (58). Men pay 517 (Women would be 422).
Checked on net booking on 21.9.14.
Please note:
The train also goes to Madgaon MAO for servicing.
You may save Rs.22 per ticket if bought at ticket counter.

Video: Konkan Kanya Exp. arrives 26.8.14

Some older pics
taken in June 2009

Prepaid Taxi chart (old)


Video: Trains at the station
Ganpati, Sampark Kranti, Konkan Kanya, Double Decker..

Update: 15.11.15

Goa has it own Rajdhani Express Train starting 22.11.15.
Inaugural run / Train was flagged off at Madgaon Station by Railways Minister Suresh  Prabhu on 15.11.15 see pics and video below.
The train likely to make stop at Karmali Station too as suggested by Goa Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar on the inaugural day at Margao.

Train fare: MAO - NZM
FC 6125, 2AC 3665 and 3AC 2635

Some pics

Commissioning of Goa – Rajdhani Train
Inaugural run 15.11.15

Video- Rajdhani inaugural run

Update: 6.12.15
Goa gets another new train
This time, its double decker fully a/c train (Seating only)
3 times a week, leaving Margao 6am and arrives Kurla/LTT Mumbai before 6pm same day. It will stop at Karmali and Thivim in Goa.
The train has 3 decks. Upper deck, middle deck and lower deck.
Airplane type seats except seat belts. Fare likely around 1,000.
Had inaugural run today 6.12.15 from Madgaon (MAO)
Video: External, internal of train plus Margao city view, road overbridge, Majorda Station, Verna Station, Cortalim, Zuari bridge, Khazans, Carambolim or Karmali etc.
Watch till the end. thank you.
Stairs to lower deck
 upper deck / Lower Deck

Decorated Engine Margao / Karmali

Babita Angle MMC Chairperson and Regional Manager (KR) Indu
Flagging off

Karmali Station

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Divar Bonderam 2014

Traditional Divar Bonderam flags Festival 2014
23rd August 2014
by Piedade Youth Association,
 Divar - Goa

Main floats parade started after 5pm
There were four groups this year
viz  Maddant Stars, Vittozem, Primeiro and Romantic.

The organising volunteers seen driving away media persons even the regular press/media persons.
They even made them to get up from their sitting position on the floor. The three guys, the usual faces, frequently obstructed clear view of the many by loitering in front of the floats. I can make separate clip only to prove the allegations. Policemen inside the barricade were casing obstruction too, they too were seen taking pics including a PI (see pic)
Organisers should bear in mind they (Media) are the people who actually put your 'Divar' on the State, National  and the world map.
Next time, one or two platforms may be erected only to be used by the Cameramen and can be even charged so as to keep away 'not so serious' ones out of it. It can generate some revenue to the club too.
It is also observed that number of cameramen were lot more than the last years, includes ladies too.
Infact, with the modern Cell phones or smartphones, almost everyone is now a photographer.

Also, Organisers should try to stick to their announced time schedule. Think about the people who come from far and wide, wait at the ferry wharf need also to be considered.
It was to start at 3.30pm but saw floats coming in  bits after 4pm which will then assemble on site so as to get ready by 5pm.

People or visitors to blame too, there was no one at 3.30pm except large number of police force.
Perhaps, they know from their past experience that the floats never started before 4.45pm

In between the floats, there was a 15 minute 'technical' break too.

Don't remember seeing Minister Dilip Parulekar and local MLA Madkair. They may have come later.
However, Union Minister of State for Tourism Shripad Naik spotted (see pic)

Over 160 pics and 3 videos (see below)

Save frogs


Young farmer, baker poder



Pez, Ambil

Sea shells window, addsor, gurgureth, sax

  Boat canoe

fisherman nustekaram kids

Watching from a house gallery

from a terrace



 Romantic Boat cruises

Sao Joao fruits, dos, crowns copel Well Carbo, cans, Vittozem float


dos Copro Sanas buyao, chizal or tizal

Save Environment, paper boat, Premeiro vado
Rainbow, rain, cloud

Dancing in the streets

 Ferryboat at Jetty

this one gone technical before 2.30pm

Jetty Ribandar side

A view from the river Jetty
Old Goa St. Cajetan Church tower

 Policemen at Divar

Bonderam, flags, Brass band (watch video on flag march and band)

Lensman batch


 A PI Police Inspector also taking pics

Another version of Sena ?

 Chief Guest, Sarpanch etc
Union Minister of State for Tourism  Shripad Naik

Prasad Harmalkar
More 68+7 pics   (of lower res.) added later (see below)

Low Res. Pics

Mr. Flag bearer

Dos de grao  doce



Poder shetkamti

 flag march bonderam flags


brass band march


 Nustekar float

Dancing in the street

 Tum ilo ghe hanv ilo gere
Falean kiam mevona, sao joao

 giant copel

 Soro garafao well guitar gumott ponnos

Mr. Sao joao

 Little nustekan

 fish mouth

 fish in his hand - a friend

Tiger with message

 Premiero wado float

 Window to Goa’s culture

 poder baker ponk ponk kanknnam

Regular face

 sun surya

 frog bebo
Save Goa

Paper boat etc
Mushrooms peacock
Vittozem vado float

dos fruits etc

Brass band March
Kopro buyao sanan tizal kelli pan

 wind surfing

 romantic cruises ship


More pics added 26/8/14

Sao Joao
jumping into the well
soro garafao carbo cotti, koti, coconut shell



Rain dance
Colourful umbrellas

 Dancing in the street


Videos not available in HD, forgot to reset camera after Goa Assembly live recordings.
follow this options, for best quality viewing..

Video 1 (Short 19mins)

Video 2  (45mins long)

Video 3 (Brass Band, Flag march special)

Video watching tips:
for best quality, pl watch videos in 480p, option available at lower end / right of video panel
 (while watching) see screen shot below

Divar Bonderam 2015
22nd Aug. 2015