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Divar Bonderam 2014

Traditional Divar Bonderam flags Festival 2014
23rd August 2014
by Piedade Youth Association,
 Divar - Goa

Main floats parade started after 5pm
There were four groups this year
viz  Maddant Stars, Vittozem, Primeiro and Romantic.

The organising volunteers seen driving away media persons even the regular press/media persons.
They even made them to get up from their sitting position on the floor. The three guys, the usual faces, frequently obstructed clear view of the many by loitering in front of the floats. I can make separate clip only to prove the allegations. Policemen inside the barricade were casing obstruction too, they too were seen taking pics including a PI (see pic)
Organisers should bear in mind they (Media) are the people who actually put your 'Divar' on the State, National  and the world map.
Next time, one or two platforms may be erected only to be used by the Cameramen and can be even charged so as to keep away 'not so serious' ones out of it. It can generate some revenue to the club too.
It is also observed that number of cameramen were lot more than the last years, includes ladies too.
Infact, with the modern Cell phones or smartphones, almost everyone is now a photographer.

Also, Organisers should try to stick to their announced time schedule. Think about the people who come from far and wide, wait at the ferry wharf need also to be considered.
It was to start at 3.30pm but saw floats coming in  bits after 4pm which will then assemble on site so as to get ready by 5pm.

People or visitors to blame too, there was no one at 3.30pm except large number of police force.
Perhaps, they know from their past experience that the floats never started before 4.45pm

In between the floats, there was a 15 minute 'technical' break too.

Don't remember seeing Minister Dilip Parulekar and local MLA Madkair. They may have come later.
However, Union Minister of State for Tourism Shripad Naik spotted (see pic)

Over 160 pics and 3 videos (see below)

Save frogs


Young farmer, baker poder



Pez, Ambil

Sea shells window, addsor, gurgureth, sax

  Boat canoe

fisherman nustekaram kids

Watching from a house gallery

from a terrace



 Romantic Boat cruises

Sao Joao fruits, dos, crowns copel Well Carbo, cans, Vittozem float


dos Copro Sanas buyao, chizal or tizal

Save Environment, paper boat, Premeiro vado
Rainbow, rain, cloud

Dancing in the streets

 Ferryboat at Jetty

this one gone technical before 2.30pm

Jetty Ribandar side

A view from the river Jetty
Old Goa St. Cajetan Church tower

 Policemen at Divar

Bonderam, flags, Brass band (watch video on flag march and band)

Lensman batch


 A PI Police Inspector also taking pics

Another version of Sena ?

 Chief Guest, Sarpanch etc
Union Minister of State for Tourism  Shripad Naik

Prasad Harmalkar
More 68+7 pics   (of lower res.) added later (see below)

Low Res. Pics

Mr. Flag bearer

Dos de grao  doce



Poder shetkamti

 flag march bonderam flags


brass band march


 Nustekar float

Dancing in the street

 Tum ilo ghe hanv ilo gere
Falean kiam mevona, sao joao

 giant copel

 Soro garafao well guitar gumott ponnos

Mr. Sao joao

 Little nustekan

 fish mouth

 fish in his hand - a friend

Tiger with message

 Premiero wado float

 Window to Goa’s culture

 poder baker ponk ponk kanknnam

Regular face

 sun surya

 frog bebo
Save Goa

Paper boat etc
Mushrooms peacock
Vittozem vado float

dos fruits etc

Brass band March
Kopro buyao sanan tizal kelli pan

 wind surfing

 romantic cruises ship


More pics added 26/8/14

Sao Joao
jumping into the well
soro garafao carbo cotti, koti, coconut shell



Rain dance
Colourful umbrellas

 Dancing in the street


Videos not available in HD, forgot to reset camera after Goa Assembly live recordings.
follow this options, for best quality viewing..

Video 1 (Short 19mins)

Video 2  (45mins long)

Video 3 (Brass Band, Flag march special)

Video watching tips:
for best quality, pl watch videos in 480p, option available at lower end / right of video panel
 (while watching) see screen shot below

Divar Bonderam 2015
22nd Aug. 2015

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Joe:

Thank you once again for posting the wonderful videos of “Divar Bonderam 2014” and for the pictures too. My family, friends and myself enjoyed watching the entire Bonderam show and would like to THANKYOU as we got to see the show because of your good and hard work.

I fully agree with you that the organisers should stick to their announced time schedule. People come from far off places with little children and need to go back. Also the organisers should slot some space for Media Personnel / Cameramen so that they could shoot pictures/ take videos without being obstructed. It’s through media that “Divar Bonderam” has become quite popular and a bit hit. We do hope in future the organisers will take care and make the show a real big success.

Once again A BIG THANK YOU from all of us at Delhi for the beautiful pictures and wonderful videos.

God Bless.

Kind regards: Julie