Thursday, 30 June 2011

Traditional SANGODD at Orda Candolim

Traditional Sangodd celebrated at Orda, Candolim
today 29th June 2011, the feast of St. Peter (Sam Pedru).
First time I ever heard of SANGODD was in 2006.
So. what's SANGODD?
2 or more Canoe /Boats joined together to form a larger boat 'sangodd'
 a chapel like structure erected and a stage to perform on it.
Various locals and other professional cantorists sing songs etc.
The sangodd sails from one station to another (traditional halting points).
Onboard, they chant 'Viva Sam Pedr(u)' (Viva St. Peter).
St. Peter being fisherman himself, is regarded as patron Saint of Fishermen's folk.
Today, the 29th June is St. Peter's Feast, so traditionally, the locals celebrated SANGODD on this day.

singing onboard the Sangodd

Albert Cabral, Com, Domnic and Com Luis Bachaan
Father-daughter duo  Bab Andrew and Andrea
At Stn. 2  Anil Olga
Locals on a mini sangodd

Singers/Artists:  (watch video below)
T Briton, Luis Bachan, Com. Domnic, Anil Olga, Bab Andrew, Andrea,
Albert Cabral, Shanaya, Clerence de Arambol, Ruzar, Pele, Fermino,
Simenca, Francis de Britona ,Damiao etc

Video – 2011

Feast of patron saints of Fishermen
St. Peter and St. Paul
Orda, Candolim

Check this out
With Anil-Olga singing onboard


Kids Special
Sonia Fernandes
Little Vinisha

The video
SANGODD/Boat - All about singing onboard
Talking Photos: Traditional 'Sangodd' at Orda-Candolim

What is Sangodd?
4 boats (Canoe) joined together to form one large boat (see pics).
A small chapel is erected on this boat, besides a stage where the locals sings and dance.

Traditional Sangodd festival takes place on the 5th day after the Sao Joao i.e. on 29th June every year.

Earlier, only the locals were singing on board the Sangodd but for the last 3 years the villagers started inviting the professional tiatrist like Socoro St. Cruz, Bab Andrew, T Britton, Mil Mel Nel, Marcus Vaz etc etc (a video to follow soon).

The traditional Sangodd festival is dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul who are also the Patron Saints of fishermen.

Videos clips singing etc:

T Briton
Francis & Inas Marian
Socoro de Sta. Cruz
Bab Andrew and Albert Cabral
Happy feast to you all.
Traditional annual Sangodd was held today near Orda Jetty.
Well done Orddekars or Candolkars.
I am sure, some of us being Goans, are unware of these type of traditional celebrations in other parts of Goa.
How lucky I am now to explore all these things which I missed all this time!!!
Tiatrists like Comedian Domnic, Young Chico, T Briton, Jr. Chico, Buska etc etc performed on board the ship with live brass band etc. (see photos)

Check these photos (DO Not USE this link, photos lost with yahoo)

Who is St. Peter ?
-One of the twelve apostles of Jesus.
-He was a fisherman (so patron saint of Fisher folk).
-He is the one who denied 3 times (knowing Jesus).
-He was the First Head of Church- Pope
-The difference between The first pope and the recent Popes of our times is that the former is married Pope and the later are unmarried.
-He is now holding the main key of the Heaven

Sangodd at IFFI goa 2009

Candolim Sangodd 2012

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Traditional Sao Joao at Siolim Goa (24th June 2011)

Viva Sao Joao

Traditional Sao Joao Boat festival with cultural programe celebrated at Siolim today 24.6.2011. opp. Church by the creek.

Programe included Boat show, Copel competion, spot prizes, Cantaram, Mando, One man band etc.

Viva Sao Joao
Well done Siolkars

Here are some pics

Boat show

Hippo on the boat

Flying beauty – butterfly on board

Celebrity or celebration

The winners – Hipo on board

Ladies specialh


Sao Joao Copel (Crowns)



Individual copel

Kopel competition time

The winning Queen (won a gold Coin)

First, second and third prize in reverse order


Sao Joao Batist

John the Baptist on stage


 Crowd /Church


A well in the creek

Jackfruits bulbs or ponnsa gore

Mando by Siolkars
Lead by Sabina Gomes

Cantaram:Francis de Tuem

shakira from Dubai– Jafed and Wilfred


With Luizinho Faleiro

Teotonio d’ Costa

Mr. Nair (Mimicry)

Son of Peter-Roshan (Benzer)


More video of  Siolim Sao Joao 2011

Fracis de Tuem (on medium of instructions)

Mr. Vijay Nair (Mimicry/Jokes)

MLAs Dayanand Mandrekar & Mickky Paccheco with boat show

SIOLIM Sao Joao in 2009
Talking Photos: SIOLIM Sao Joao, too good

Too good
Colourful boat show
Variety of Copels
Too many people
No Rain (Rained just after 4 and just for 5 minutes and not again)
We left at 6.30 must have finished at 8
Well done Siolkars
Keep up the good work (I mean, the tradition)
We missed Siolkar Padmashree Remo Fernandes
May be he is out of Goa for a show/tour.
OK, Check this out.
(These are the best 18 out of 110)
A section of the crowd รข€“ with church in the background
colourful Boat show (There were 9 of them)
With a section of the crowd
With Church in the background
With boat route
This is the way they come
Sea horses
With another section of the crowd
Now the Copels or Kopel (Crowns)
another view- a section of the crowd
Now, identify this young Tiatrist.
Just sang one song and won over 3000 in spot cash prizes from the people
3 times encore
close up

VIDEOs  2009

Siolim Sao Joao  2006

Happy Sao Joao Feast to you all...
This time we headed for North (we being from south- Salcette).
So, I am taking you to Siolim..
Well done Siolkars,
I thank you for keeping this tradition alive.
It was very nice of Remo to perform there too ( I think he is from Siolim too).
We enjoyed it and will definitely go there again next year (if in Goa).

if you can't see any photos above then click here below.
Beautiful Siolim Church
River Floats
Goa's Pop Star - Remo Fernandes
Goan Tiatrist - Hortencio Pereira
Viva Sao Joao

Monday, 20 June 2011

Sunday, 19 June 2011

St. Anthony Feast at Siolim, Goa (19.6.11)

The feast of St. Anthony celebrated today 19th June, 2011 at Siolim, Goa

It wasn’t raining the whole day except just before the end of

St. Anthony of Siolim is different. He is holding a giant ‘sorop’ or serpent
or cobra in his hand.

Actually, it’s not a sorop but a 'deuchar' or devil or satan in the form
of a snake.
It seems the Snake brought lot of fear and hardship at the time of construction of the
church thus making it impossible to carry on with the construction work etc  (this must be around 1567.)

The workers together with the priest prayed to St Anthony and kept
the Saint's  statue at their workplace.
The next morning the serpent or cobra was found dead around the base of the statue.

It is for this reason that the statue of St Anthony only in Siolim has a serpent in his hand. See pics

The Church also has the Saint's relic. - see pic

Normally. St. Anthony feast is celebrated on 13th June every year,
don’t know why this one on the 19th June (see edit/update below)

I saw some san’nas for sale in the feast fair something I see for the first time in the fair.
Guest what, I could not find my favourite 'Reuddio' in the whole of the
Feast fair or feri.
Just bought some Chonne and Khajem (see pics) returned back home since  no Siolkar invited us for their feast :-)

Here are some pics

The church

Inside of the Chruch

Main altar – Sant Anton

External St. Anthony with serpent

View from upstairs



Mass / Priests


Veneration or umao





Bonus pics (in plates)


Chonne or grams


Siolim Church in 2006

update: 21/6/11

St. Anthony's Feast at Siolim etc

Some observations:
 If the feast always celebrated on Sunday  on or after 13th June
- Next year the feast would be on 17th June (this year 19th June, last  year 13th June)

- Usually a feast is followed by 9 day preparations i.e. 9 = Nov (Nove) = Novena
However, St. Anthony feast is followed by 13 days of preparation
and hence 13 – tera (Treze) – Trezen

- Besides the St Anthony statue outside Church (facade / Niche ),  there is another statue in the main altar  carrying dangling Cobra as can be seen in the various pics and video

Also, check these pics in local dailies today and yesterday

In Herald - Today

In GT -  Yesterday

‘Siole’ always reminds me of this dulpod we used to sing in wedding bus etc


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Welcome to Mayem Lake

For all latest pics and videos upto 2018 visit here
click here


Mayem Lake is a  popular tourist spot
Well known for Pedal boating etc
First time I ever visited this spot was during my school picnic
It’s about 3-4 kms from Bicholim Bus Stand.

Mayem Lake has a special mark in my heart i.e. left an indelible mark for life..
Something that has happened many years ago when I was in my teens.

Swans, ducks at Mayem Lake
The procession of swans

middle of the lake


Mayem lake is one of the popular tourist spots.
In Bicholim Goa
The lake view (s) from diff. Angles

GTDC Resort – Mayem Lake View

Mini children park

My prev. Clip (2006)
Latest improved version coming later

Prev. Pics (2006)

Rooms tariff