Sunday, 12 June 2011

Welcome to Mayem Lake

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Mayem Lake is a  popular tourist spot
Well known for Pedal boating etc
First time I ever visited this spot was during my school picnic
It’s about 3-4 kms from Bicholim Bus Stand.

Mayem Lake has a special mark in my heart i.e. left an indelible mark for life..
Something that has happened many years ago when I was in my teens.

Swans, ducks at Mayem Lake
The procession of swans

middle of the lake


Mayem lake is one of the popular tourist spots.
In Bicholim Goa
The lake view (s) from diff. Angles

GTDC Resort – Mayem Lake View

Mini children park

My prev. Clip (2006)
Latest improved version coming later

Prev. Pics (2006)

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