Monday, 25 January 2016

First Holy Communion, Velsao Goa

34 Children received First Holy Communion
Our Lady of Assumption Church
Velsao, Goa   on 24.1.16
Parish Priest Fr. Lawrence Rodrigues

Kids (Recipients)  did Sunday reading, prayers of the faithful, offertory, thanks giving etc

Video 1:  Receiving their First Holy Communion..

First Holy Communion

Video 2: Latin Litany  singing in the background, Konkani Orasao
Pics of all the recipients along with their parents
Sing along..

Mater inviolata,
Mater intemerata,
Mater amabilis,
Mater admirabilis,
Mater boni consilii,
Mater Creatoris,
Mater Salvatoris,
Virgo prudentissima,
Virgo veneranda,
Virgo praedicanda,
Virgo potens,
Virgo clemens,
Virgo fidelis,
Speculum justitiae,
Sedes sapientiae,
Causa nostrae laetitiae,

Vas spirituale,
Vas honorabile,
Vas insigne devotionis,
Rosa mystica,
Turris Davidica,
Turris eburnea,
Domus aurea,
Foederis arca,
Janua caeli,
Stella matutina,
Salus infirmorum,
Refugium peccatorum,
Consolatrix afflictorum,
Auxilium Christianorum,
Regina angelorum,

Regina patriarcharum,
Regina prophetarum,
Regina apostolorum,
Regina martyrum,
Regina confessorum,
Regina virginum,

Regina sanctorum omnium,
Regina sine labe originali concepta,
R e g i n a in coelum a s s u m p t a
Regina sacratissimi Rosarii,

Regina pacis,
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi: Parce nobis, Domine.
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi: Exaudi nos, Domine
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi: Miserere nobis.

More of Goan Litany Latin, Konkani hymns etc visit here

Celebrations – Singing
Tenvill Fernandes and Luinel Baretto
Video 3: Singing song 'Maria'

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Three Kings Feast, Cansaulim 2016

3 kings journey 6.1.2016

Three little kings for this year are
King Minguel Gracias, King Clive Gomes and King Nathan Colaco
 from Cansaulim, Arossim and Cuelim

After the feast high mass, the kings make their journey downward which started at 12.20 noon and reaching at Cansaulim Church square just before 2 pm.   In between the 1.5hr of journey, the king entourage makes 7 stops (Traditional halting stations) where crowns of the kings taken off and briefly touched to the peoples heads as if making them also a king for a split second.
People going here would say 'Hanv Krov galunk voitam'
They also kiss the large Crosses in the Kings hands but chained around the kings necks. (watch video)
First such stop is at the foothill at Cuelim, second station about 350 mtrs away. Passing through the fields, then come the 3rd Halt at Xendo fields.  The entourage then comes off the field and takes the road towards Cuelim- Borsulem but at the pond or lake it takes right to reach 'Goykars' house next to T B Cunha ancestors House (both houses shown in the Video). At this halt, traditionally, pez or Kanji was served to all but now just a soft drink to the King and his people.  It then passes through the 'Pandd'  hollow passage way to come out again on to the main road  towards Cuelim - Cansaulim Church Road. Near Late Alberto Cunha House (shown in the video) but on the main road is the 5th Station.  Immediately, say about 100 (or less)  mtrs away comes the 6th Station infront of 'Regidor' House. I guess this halt was introduced  to honour the then Regidor during Portuguese time. 'Regidor' could mean a collector or administrator of Municipality.
Following the same road comes the  7th Station at Barca  where Kings come off  the horse backs and rest on a bench or sofa. At this place horses are also given some refreshment (Horses are hired from Belgaum, Kolhapur etc).  8th station is in front of the St. Thomas Church.
Earlier, (before 90s) only two kings came here now all 3
The horses/kings  lined up facing the Church (see pics).
Here they will sing 'Laudate' and a sort of flag / Bonderam waving act at the Church Main door - watch video.
Each king entourage has its own large flag - see pic/ video. They also had large colourful umbrellas
3 times larger than what you see in the video.
From here, the Cuelim King and his entourage take different way out / route and the remaining kings will follow the main Cansaulim road  upto to say Market  from where they go their own but traditional ways or route  to reach their  homes or destination i.e. Cansaulim and Arossim.
Last king of Arossim could reach home  around 3pm. (he must have started his journey say 8 in the morning to be up there right on time for feast high mass at 10 or 10.30.)
Please note the kings have their 3 different paths or trails to reach the hill top. However, when coming down they will follow another common trail as shown in the video in the beginning. All these 3+1 trails are called 'Paz' or 'Reyamchi Paz' (Kings route or trail)
The entire traditional route from Chapel to the Church could be about  7 kms , add  4-5 Kms more upto Arossim.

Each King entourage has its own brass band and they will play in turns to keep up with the continuity as can be seen in the video.
The Chapel on the hillock
 Nathan Colaco


 Opp Cansaulim Church

Krov galop

Through the fields
Through Pandint Pand

Brass Band

At the Church

Goykar house
Near Regidor, Cuelim

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Three Kings Feast, Chandor - Goa, 6.1.2016

Video: 3 kings feast 6.1.2020

more pics here

3 Kings Feast at Chndor on 6th January 2016
Sunray Rebello, Royce Antao and Adrian Fernandes
Video: The kings journey

Kings in the Church

 Menezes Braganza House

Brass Band

Our Lady of Belem
Main Altar


Mount Chapel

King Adrian

 King Royce Antao

 King Sunray Rebello



 A king

 Choir, Trumpet etc


 Crowd, devotees

Candles in the trees etc

Sunday, 3 January 2016

New Zuari bridge, 8 lane cable stayed..

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Foundation stone was laid  by Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari 
Union Ministers Manohar Parrikar and Shripad Naik, Goa Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar and others were present on the occasion
Goa Velha Football ground on 1.1.2016
Rs 2,700 crore cable-stayed parallel bridge over Zuari river  in Cortalim - Agassaim.
(Rs.27000,000,000 or $410 millions or £278 Millions)

The main bridge will be joined by flyovers / Elevated bypass as follows
1.  Bambolim to Agassaim (8.2 kms)
2.  Cable stayed bridge 640M and approach roads on both sides ( Total 1.084 kms)

3.  Cortalim to Verna (4.3 kms)

The bridge will pass over the existing Railway bridge at Cortalim.

Artistic presentation of 8 lane cable stayed new Zuari bridge .
New bridge design preview

Foundation Stone laying ceremony at Goa Velha on 1.1.2016
Some Pics and video
Manohar Parrikar speaking
Hangar, Dignitaries etc

As per Aug. 2015 estimates..
Package I - Bambolim to Agassaim (8.2 kms) which will cost 829.60 cr,
Package II - cable stayed bridge and approach roads on both sides (1.084 kms) costing 880.75 cr,
Package III - Cortalim to Verna (4.3 kms) costing Rs 783 cr.
Package IV- is land acquisition, rehabilitation, resettlement – utility shifting and relocation which will cost Rs 264.72 cr, according to PWD Minister Sudin Dhavalikar.
(1 Crore = 100 Lacs or 100,00,000)

Fresh inputs from Toi 5/5/16
8 lane cable stayed bridge 640 mtr long  will cost Rs.620 crore
Overall Cost of the project is around 3000 crores

Artistic presentation

Update 8.2.2017 - Pics and video


the existing bridge (1983)
with konkan Railways bridge

Update Aug. 8, 2016
New Zuari bridge rady by April 2019 say Road Surface Minister Mansukh Mandaviya in Rajya Sabha on 8.8.16 in written reply to Congress MP Shantaram Naik (Goa). The work will cost Rs.936 crores. To build under EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction). Work already awarded in February 15

Update Aug. 2, 2016
Work on new Zuari bridge to start from October 2016 says PWD Minister Sudin in the Assembly House

Update May 24, 2016
Work on new Zuari bridge to start in next 2-3 months
Says PWD Chief Engineer  (Officiating) Uttam Parsekar H dtd 25.5.16

Update May 5, 2016 (TOI)*
Work on Construction of the bridge likely to start in 4 months as soil testing etc still going on

Update 23.2.16
Work order issued (around 22.2.16) ?
As the DBL has to carry out it own soil tests etc  the actual starting of bridge work could start after 6 months say around August 2016 or later and the new bridge would be ready by August 2019 if it completes within its given deadline period of 3 years.
DBL in joint venture with the Ukraine Company Mostobudivelnyi Zahin Limited
Partly Sourced from TOI 23.2.16

update February 11.2016
Dilip Buildcon Ltd (DBL) of Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) won the contract to build 640-long 8 lane cable stayed bridge for over 450  (620 crores*).  The work will start after the work order issued by Ministry of Road Transport within a month.  The other two tenders for approach roads etc will be opened soon.

Old Zuari bridge
As for present Zuari bridge, it was inaugurated  around  1983 by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi? (to be confirmed)  but  weeks or months before that it was unofficially inaugurated around 10th April by  Kiran Bedi? the then SP (Traffic) of Goa. (Vehicular traffic was using the bridge before 15th April pending official inauguration)  The bridge was ready but waiting for PM etc to inaugurate.   Earlier, the official inauguration of the bridge was postponed  at least twice due to non availability of PM etc. 
I also remember, it took at least  11-14 years to complete the Zuari bridge (Foundation stone laid by then or Goa's first Chief Minister Dayanand Bandodkar, died in 1973)
The bridge was build by Gammon India Ltd.
Public transport buses started plying on the bridge around 12th May.
Ferry stopped plying on this sector (Except Madkai) around 17th May thus  RND losing about 25 lacs per year due to stoppage of ferries on this profitable route.   In 70s, all over Goa, every passenger paid 25p to cross river by ferry, vehicles at extra charge.  Passengers and two wheeler on ferries now (all Goa) travel free of cost probably since 1986 after the collapse of Mandovi bridge at Panaji.
Bridge Toll booths started collecting toll as from 15th Sept 1983. Toll being Rs.10 for buses/Trucks, Rs.2 for light vehicle, cars and 50p for two wheeler. Toll collection was expected to run for 10 years with yearly income revenue of 55 lacs

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