Tuesday, 2 June 2015

SAL Dam, a popular Picnic Spot

Its in Bicholim Taluka
Route: Panjnim - Mapusa - Tivim - Assonora
After Assonora, on main road to Dodamarg, take internal road left (Dam is about 7 Kms from main road)

Picnic Spot – Sal Dam                                                                
Saw people throwing empty bottles, cans etc                     
There is rubbish all over including broken glasses                  

Please carry your own bin bags and take it home with you 
or dispose it of sensibly                                                               

Some pics


The Dam


Light Vehicle bridge over dam






floating man


Water pipes etc


a house, shed


 Little further, there is another spot / Dam - Part of same river Chapora

Dam 2


River Chapora


Water pipes, pump house etc


Video: Spot 1 and 2

Additional photos, posted later on

Birdie Robin ?


Dam 2


Diving Kids

Cops on duty ?


Bathing zone for four-legged


Washing Dhobi zone


Carrying beer bottles in water / River

Drinking in water


Rubbish all over


Throwing empty beer cans