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Friday, 13 January 2017

Quepem Tribal Festival 2017

Adivasi Sangatna Kepem, Quepem
Organised two days Tribal Festival on 7 and 8 January 2017 at Xeldem Panchayat ground, Quepem
In association with Directorate of Art and Culture and directorate of Tribal Welfare
It was their 6th annual festival.
Prof. Kamalakar D Mhalshi, Cyril Fernandes, Caetano Carvalho (President), Adv. Piedade Dias, John, Prof Priyanka Velip, Adv. Joao (John) Fernandes etc were present as chief guest, special invitee, guest of honour etc


Making of sleeping mat
Loyanchi mandri
Even we used to have mandri at home.  Mandri is different from Xindri which is also sleeping mat.
Also watch video 3 below
Almost done
just trimming and finalisation left
Takes about 5 hours to make one or two per day

Final product
He just bought one for Rs.1500

The raw material for Mandri  Papyrus plant
Sedge grass or plants (Loyo or lovo) grown wild in the fields, khazan land and other wet areas
Its stem is sort of 3 cornered or triangular shape
This was spotted at Paroda roadside
when dried


Making of Fou fov or khov
Also watch video 4 below
Paddy grains
Partly cook (Parboiled) in  pot and leave it there soaked..
Next step is roasting and then quickly smashing into the 'aan'
Cleaning or winnowing is the last step

Add grated coconut and jaggary  mixture - Ready to eat
Fov also eaten in sweetened milk, Masala fov etc
Fou or Khou or fov is also a popular Diwali speciality


Aan for smashing



Ready to eat

Mudy or maddy for storing rice etc
Looks like a pealed orange

Doule, ladles

Staple food of tribal community
We also cooked it occasionally

Pez kanji

Soji dal

Broom zaddu sarun making
Vattlio brass dinner plates
We had two, usedfor  every day meal including pez
Moddkio, kopro
Farmer's tools
Kudoll, divallo, pick axe, zot, nangor etc
typical dress, attire

Nivni or niunnem making

Bhaji Mullo, tambddi dovi bhaji, methi, soji bhaji etc
Local farm produce
Herbs medicinal
Porpotto, ash gourd etc

Sweet dish - Rice and Jagary

Xell xel
String rope for tying straw etc

Konngio, konngam, Chirko, yam etc
Xit coddi
Shit koddi Rs.100
Sheugo xeugo, Sheuvio

Poll pod
Rice measuring unit about 4 milkmaid tins

Dhol, drum


drawing competition


more pics coming

Video 1:  Kunnbi dance

Coming soon..

Video 2 - Festival clips, short tour, dances etc

Video 3 Making of sleeping mat, mandri

Video 4 Making of Khou or fov

Video 5 Kharvi dance

Friday, 6 January 2017

3 Kings Feast at Reis Magos, Verem 6.1.2017

3 Kings Feast at Reis Magos, Verem 6.1.2017

The Church (1555)


The Kings

Church, Altar, Mass, Priests etc




flower girls

The Shrine in front of the Church
Ferri, Chonne, dos, Khajem, kadio boddio, Poskotte balloons