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New Mandovi Bridge etc

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4 lane cable stayed bridge estimated cost 466/470/517 crores built by GSIDC / Larsen and Toubro
 will be ready in 2.5years after work order issued. (Cost 430 crore  so far and another 150  required as per GSIDC Chairman Pramod Sawant 27.11.16  ) 517 Dec 2016

The total length of the new bridge will be 3.19 km.
It will start near the Pundalik Nagar junction at Porvorim and end near the Merces junction.

When completed, it will be the 3rd longest cable- stayed bridge in India

Artistic impression, screenshots
PM Narendra Modi laid foundation stone or formal inauguration of the project on 14th June 2014
CM Parrikar now says - dt. 12.6.14 that it will be ready in 20-24 months
All formalities/approvals done, soil testing will start soon and work will start Mid Sept. 2014
The bridge will be 15 meters higher than the existing two (which would be about 25mtr over the water level) to save mangroves etc
About 900 mtrs from Porvorim side, 600mtrs over the River and 700 mtrs panjim side.
The project includes flyover towards Ponda side.

Video: New bridge Model / Preview

Bridge will be ready by Sept 30, 2017 says Sandip Chodnekar, Project in charge (Herald 7/2/17)
60% completed so far (Project was delayed by 10 months due to NGT case)
Update 28.3.2017
Third waterborne pillar getting ready (3 of the 4)

4th coming here

Update 21.12.16
Laying of deck slabs started November 27, 2016
So far about 16-17 slabs laid.
The bridge will have 31 spans comprising 13-25 segments each. The segments have been prepared using three external casting beds and reinforced bar cages and rebar jigs at Dhargal casting yard.
Over 200 segments or decks made or ready so far at casting yard.
The bridge expected to complete by Dec 2017
Video: 21.12.16


Dec 11

Update: 31.10.16
Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar says it will be ready by September 2017 or hopefully will be able to inaugurate on Dec 19, 2017, Goa Liberation Day. He was saying during his speech at Multi-level Car Parking inaugural day
A view from the building

Update 15.10.16
Another waterborne pillar almost ready..

Porvorim end side

Middle 2 pillars

One of the middle two

 2nd pillar in water, Malim side

Middle 4

 On land, Malim side


Panjim Side

Ribandar causeway view

Copra in the yard

 View – Boarding of sunset River cruising at Santa Monica Jetty

Update 8.9.2016

Update 27.8.16

Update 13.7.16
GSIDC vice Chairman MLA  Sidharth Kuncalienker says the bridge will completed by May 2017
In the presence of GSIDC Managing Director Sanjit Rodrigues
Status as on date - Overall 35% work completed

A view of completed Pillar from Panaji

Update 13.5.16
CM Parsekar says it will take about 13-14 months from now to complete the new bridge i.e. by July 2017

Update 9.5.16
Some pics of the water-borne pillar (River)

Update: 13.4.16
About 16 pillars on land completed

Some pics

 Update: 11.3.16

Video :Status as on 11th March 2016


update: 10.4.15
Former Goa Chief Minister and present India's Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar reiterated that the bridge will be completed as per schedule  by end of next year 2016.  He was present on the L&T deck in the river to inaugurate laying of first pillar in the river.

Some newspapers  quoted the new cost of the project as 514 crore of which 390/460  receiving from NABARD as loan (GT & NT dtd 11 & 9 April)

Update: 1.1.2016
PARRIKAR now says the bridge will be ready by March-July 2017
He also says so far there are about 4 pillars (see pics), in 3-4 month (March-April) one will see 20-25 more pillars popping up including pillars out of the river water
Speaking at Foundation Stone laying ceremony of 8 lane cable stayed Zuari bridre at Goa Velha football ground


Pillar status Dec 2015

Update: 14.1.16
CM in Assembly House
As of now about 28% work completed, bill spaid 101 crore
20% completed work in water - There is only one pier / Pillar coming up in the water
Likely to be ready in 12-18 months from now
Total length from Porvorim - Merces junction 4.434kms
Correction: CM Parsekar today 15/1/16 clarified  or corrected his statement saying there are 4 pillars in the river 2 in the middle and two on the sides

Update: 19.1.2016
Status as of 19.1.16


A view from the bridge, Marine Police, boats etc

Pier work in the river

River Pier work brittona / Malim side

First Pier / Pillar in the river almost ready

4 of the ready piers towards Porvorim, near Goa Assembly Road

 Work in progress, land pier, pillar

River pier work
 Cement ,Concrete mixture plant ?

 Marine Police Jetty

Panaji KTC side

Divja Circle view


 A  video status report as of 7.4.15

Also includes Jetty renovation / Extension, Multi-level Car park etc progress report

Now watch this new Mandovi bridge, jetty etc work Status report


watch and compare this video report, 2 years ago

Video 2:  Jetty Renovation etc  status  7.5.2013

Status as of 7.4.2015
Existing bridges (Helmet rule  eff. 1.4.15 on all roads in Goa) 

New bridge work - Water
L & T  float/deck for laying pillars

Malim / Porvorim side

Panaji KTC Circle

Jetty Extension / Renovation
Below the bridge

Cruise terminal / Santa Monica Jetty / Paradise


Coastal Marine Police Jetty

Multi-level car park

For New Zuari Bridge 8 lane cable stayed visit here
Foundation stone for which laid on 1.1.2016

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