Monday, 6 April 2015

Cajuchem fest, Cashew Festival at Soccoro 5.4.2015

  Kazuchem fest, Cashew or Caju Festival at Soccorro on Easter Sunday 5.4.15
Organised by the Villagers along with their parish Priest etc

Biyani or Bottyani we used to play
Roasting or baking of cashew nuts during monsoon etc

The festival really brought back my memories

Some pics
Socorro parish priest Fr Santan Carvalho, Local MLA Rohan Khaunte,

Mario Fernades, Thomas Fernandes etc



tiatrist Wilson Wilmix, Sharon


Caju seeds sap painting rafter wood etc

Playing ‘Bottyani’ or 'Biyani'

Traditional Cashew seeds game






Crowd section



Cashew nuts




human Cashew apple




Caju Apples seeded


Cashew apples de-seeded
seeds removed


Konnomb or konnbi

Place for crushing cashew apples for juice extraction


Bhatti or Distillery for Urak, feni


cut cashew apples


under the teak wood trees


copel or crown of Cashew leaves


Caju saplings


Dances girls



Dances boys


comedy skit with dog


Cashew nuts roasting

Seeds backing

Baking pan, fire etc

Baked / roasted nuts / breaking


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