Thursday, 30 April 2015

Goa Coconut and Cashew Festival 2015

Coconut and Cashew Festival
29th April - 3rd May 2015
Near Kala Academy, Campal Goa
Organised by Goa Tourism

Video Day 1


Dances by Dance-o-philia  and Viva Goa


Nightingale of Goa, Lorna Cordeiro


Cannon, Nolvert, Sammy etc

Caju – Coconut


  Fenni etc



Food stuff


Boat on land

VIP Lounge


Very special guest


Entrance – Day night


Fire Service Staff


Coconut Tree Climbing tool


VIP Lounge cushions

Selwyn Menezes etc  T Band


Caju apple stand


The house, Stage
Digitally mapped stage


The Emcees

Aysha Barretto and Roy Fernandes


Ghumot of goat skin


Capturing Lorna



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Video 2: Lorna, the Goan nightingale

Vidoe 3: T Band Selwyn Menezes Violin Special

Video 4: T Band - Selwyn Menezes, Cedrico and Glen

Video 5: Dekni (Goenchim Noketram)

Fenni dance

by Dance-o-philia, MesmeriZerZ.

Fenni Dance to the tune of Alfred Rose Song
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