Saturday, 30 April 2016

Herald's Food and Music Festival 2016

29, 30 April and May 1, 2016
Campal parade ground.
Organised by Herald group

Day 3
Fashion show
True Blue
A Unit
Divya Naik
Frenzie Vito

Host and Hostess
Frazier and Pearl

Aleta Gonsalves

Anslem Fernandes

Ciloni D'Costa

Lenon Pires


Frenzie Vito Rodrigues

Divya Naik

Dance crew from Vasco

Band: True Blue
Zubin da Cruz, Saluzinho Fernandes, Clinton Mascarenhas, Jerry Correia & Elton Fernandes 


Day 2

New Trinity

Celbert and Dr. Nadia


Day 1

Rita Rose
w/o Late Alfred Rose the Melody King
As bimutti singing

 Engelbert Rose
s/o Alfred Rose

Anslem Fernandes, Ciloni, Aleta etc
Goencho Avaz fame

A stall, bar


Band - Alcatrazz
Host and hostess
Svedlanska and Celbert

Johnny and Bushka
With Sammy Braganza, Roy Menezes etc
With  Sammy Braganza, Roy Menezes etc

Fashion Show
by Media Waves
Ethnic, Indian

With Diksha Singh, Miss India Body Beautiful

Video 1
Englebert Rose singing CELINA

Video 2
Rita Rose Singing Bomboinchi Birmutti

Video 4

Video 5
New Trinity
Singing Bebdo, Piso, Guantanamera, I will survive, No woman no cry

Video 6
Fashion Show

Video 7
Divya Naik Singing

Video 8
Frenzie Rodrigues singing Nach Atanche and (2 in 1)

Video 9

Video 10
Ethnic Fashion Show

Video 11
Dance by A-UNIT
Watch at facebook

Video 12
Fashion show 3
With Diskha singh, Divya Thasveer
Designer Supriya Sutar and showstopper Kezaia Caldeira etc

Video 13
Rita Rose - Song 2

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Food and Cultural Festival 2016

Goa Food and Cultural Festival 2016
6-10 April 2016 at Campal Football ground, Panaji. Organised by Goa Tourism, Govt of Goa.
5 day festival of cuisine, food, drinks, song, dance, bands etc
6pm till midnight (Loud music/sound stops at 10)

Day 4
Video: A short Tour


Day 4
Crowd / Tables/Chairs / Stage

Gate rush

 New fake metal looking cutlery

 Host and Hostess
Alfie and Kulfie
RJ Alfy and Jessica Sharma

The Big T Band with Selwyn on Violin

Dance o Philia

Band - Thermal and a Quarter
Bangalore Rock Band


Day 3
Indi pop mix

Dance o Philia

Host, Hostess



Raagas 2 Riches
Rahul, Genny, Ryan – Keyboards, Lead Guitar Ash Moon Kid,
Drummer Jonathan Dias  AMORIN bass,

Day 2
Lulu Fortes (Rhythm and Blues)
Ignatius Rodrigues - Keyboards, Filipe Fortes - Bass Guitar Lulu Fortes - Vocals Neil D'Cruz - Guitar and Vocals Roswyn Fernandes - Drums Paul Po - Lead guitar n Vocals
Drummer - Rosswyn Fernandes

 Dance by Sonia Jaffar and the Beaumont Company

Video on Facebook



Host / Hostess

Fenni distillery

Stalls, feni  CAZCAR


Band / Stage

MOKSHA fusion Band

Band: Frontline

Day 1
Inauguration, VIPs, Pot
Siddharth Kunkolienkar, Nilesh Cabral and Chief Minister Parsekar
Mayor Surendra Furtado, C S Srivastava, Dilip Parulekar
Alfie, Jessica host / Hostess

Gate, Entrance

Johnny and Bushka

Goenchim Noketram
Songs and dances
Cely Fernandes Mandolin- Selwyn Menezes Bass- Bernard Furtado Kavn- Elvis Mascarenhas
Lead Guitar - Abraham Fernandes

Marcha de fontainhas, Portuguese dance

 Band: Indian Ocean - Watch videos
Members: Current Lineup Amit Kilam - Drums, percussion and vocals Rahul Ram - Bass guitar
and vocals Himanshu Joshi - Vocals Tuheen Chakravorty - Tabla and
other percussion Nikhil Rao - Guitar
Genre: Contemporary Fusion Rock
Hometown: New Delhi



Host and Hostess
RJ Alfie and Jessica

Day 1
Video: Johnny & Bushka

Video: Portuguese Dance - Marcha de Fontainhas
By Goenchim Noketram

Day 2
Video: Lulu Fortes (Rhythm and Blues)

Video: Neil singing cucurucucu (Rhythm n Blues)
Video:  Corazon Espinado (Rhythm n Blues)

Video: Band INDIAN OCEAN - Behne do
Video: Band INDIAN OCEAN 2in1 - Flute

Video: Avina Furtado - Suknnem Suknnem
Video: Elvis Mascarenhas
Video: Frenzie V Rodrigues
Video: Inaugural, Pot on fire with chief minister
More updates with pics and videos coming soon..
Goenchin Neketram - Folk dance/songs group
Moksha, Frontline, Sonia Jaffer

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