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Old Goa Historical Monuments etc

Basilica of Bom Jesus

    9th Sept. 2014

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    The Basilica of Bom Jesus

    Tourists at Basilica


    The Relics

    Sacred body of St. Francis Xavier



    Fatima Saibinn


    Cultural Heritage slogans


    Archbishop, priests, feast mass

    With SFX special vestments (Feast of St. Ignatius Loyola, earlier)



    Prohibited and Regulated Area



    Maintain Silence please

    Don’t photograph persons
    Don't Disturb Religious Services


    Dress code / restrictions

    No mini-skirts, open arms etc


    Do not light candles


    Keep Silence, Mass / Marriage going on


    External of Basilica

    Church Fa├žade, walls

    Videos 9.9.14
    Watch in HD or 480p for best quality


     Pics, videos, Exposition 2014-15 etc


    St. Cajetan Church
    Towards Divar Ferry


    View from the Mount hill / River

     From the road

    Front garden, Lawns

    Magnificent Dome

    Dome external

     Front, facade

    Main Altar dedicated to Oyr Lady of Devine Providence

    Other altars, Chapels

    Wooden decorated carved pulpit

    ceiling, Choir, gallery

    Paintings - Baptism

    A deep well in the church

    External, side

    Belfry, bell Tower

    At the back
    Hold area for  embalmed bodies / coffins of Portuguese waiting for shipment to Portugal

    Brief Description board


    Video: St. Caitan Church

    Ruined Church, Convent etc of St. Augustine
    The 5 storey, 46 mtr high Church tower etc
    Amazing, 412 years on, the church tower is still standing..

     The large church, beside main altar, also had 4 side altars and
    8 chapels as listed below

    In 1835, this complex was abandoned due to expulsion of the Religious Orders from Goa.

    In 1846, the main vault of the Church collapsed followed by the
    3 storey Convent building structure that had rooms, cells, halls, dormitories, Guest house etc

    1965 Bollywood movie GUMNAAM was shot here in the ruined convent section of this complex. Some night scenes in the area seen the title song of the film

    some pics

     The 5 storey, 46 mtr high Church tower.  belfry

    infront, lawns, stone debris

    The Church walls, ceiling etc

    Church floor, tombstones etc

     The large church, beside main altar, also had 4 side altars and 8 chapels as listed below

    The Chapels and altars of the Church

    Main Altar

     The Chapels
    St.  Monica

    Our Lady of Good Success

    St. William
    St. Thomas Villanova

    St Joseph

    St. Anne

    St. John

    St Clare



    Holy Crucifix

    St.  Nicholas

    Our Lady of Sorrow
    Our Lady of Grace


    Ruined 3 storey Convent area

    Halls, Rooms, Dormitories, cells, guesthouse, etc

    Something in a glass box

    Ground Water tanks

    Video: A tour

    A small video from March 2007

    St. Paul's College, Gate
    Ela, Old Goa

    Brief description


    ICAR, Ela


    Church of St. Francis de Assisi
    Close to   Archaeological Museum, Old Goa 

    Frontal view


    brief description of the church


    The Church external / Side

     Main altar

    Other altars

    choir loft
    Walls, pulpit etc
    entrance Arch
     The Archaeological Museum


    Viceroy's Gate

    Towards Divar Ferry or near St. Cajetan Churh
    Road opp Se Cathedral

    When young and when there was less education, we were told the statue is of
    Fishermen's King (Hari Raza) and that one had to go underneath him (Hari-Raza ghe ganddintulean)in order to go to Divar  Island via canoe boat (now ferry).

    Restored by  then Portuguese Goa Governor Francisco da Gama (1600) in memory
    of his Great Grand Father Vasco da Gama who discovered Sea route to India from Europe.

    Some pics


    Vasco da Gama (Stone Statue)

     Viceroy’s gate (Rear)
    St. Catherine and the Argonaut

    St Catherine and Argonaut

    Carving / Inscription on the wall

    Ferry point


    Video: The Gate

    Arch of Conception

    Road (intersection) opp Se Cathedral leading to Road to Sao Braz  Gaudalim and Daujim Ferry etc

    Probably, there was a statue of Our Lady of  Immaculate Conception in the niche above and hence
    'Arch of Conception'

    (Aug. 2013)

    The hidden board

     The Arch

    Road side Holy cross
    On the way to Daujim Ferry etc
    On the side of the Road  Left to Arch of Conception and the road head is Daujim ferry.
    Old Goa

     Video: Arch of Conception

    St. Catherine’s Chapel

    Near Archaeological Museum, old Goa
    Near St. Francis de Assisi Church
    Small clip



    side wall

    Main and the only Altar (Empty)

    ceiling  design

    Reading script /plate