Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Ganesh Chaturthi Goa, 2012

Panjim Garden 18.9.12

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you all

At Panjim Garden

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the main Hindu Festivals of Goa.
It usually occurs during August / September every year.

Devotees install idol of Lord Ganapati in their houses.
The Lord stays in their homes either for 1.5 days or 5 days, end of the period, usually during night, all idols are immersed in the nearby river, pond or into Arabian sea.

Huge idols of Lord Ganapati are installed at public places by the traditional temple or village committees or Mandals. These idols are immersed on  7, 9 or 11th  day

Many youth involved in creative art, year after year, thus showcasing their art or dekhava at public display where often long Qs of all faiths are seen flocked together.

Marcel or Mashel is well known for it’s ‘dekhava’ in Goa.

Following are some of the pics and videos of various part of Goa including Margao, Panjim, Mapusa, Pernem, Bicholim, Marcel, Cumbarjua, Chorao etc

Ganesh festival is followed by Dushera, Narkasur (Demons), Diwali etc
Update 29.9.12
11 day Ganapati from Panjim area

Update 28th Sept. 2012

Bicholim Police Station


Sarvajanik Ganeshutsav Mandal, Bicholim, Market area

 scenes of Saibaba – on grindstone or dantem

 a pot on fire

with begging bowls

 Sab ka malik ek hai

Pooja around fire or agni

Madel, Chodna

Update 27th Sept. 2012

Margao Police Station


Margao Pimpalkatta
Opp TG Borcar

Borda, Margao
Near Cine Vishant

At Panjim ferry - 9 day Ganapati  27/9/12
 Panjim Police Station

Update 26th Sept 2012 - Ganapati from Pernem and Mapusa
Today at Pernem and Mapusa

Lokmanya Ganeshutsav Mandal. Pernem Town (next to abv temple)
SankiaChakra Dhari Kushnumurari
Mechanical, the leaf moves only when coins inserted in the box

Sai Baba

see special Mapusa video on arti / pooja  Video No. 4 below
Update 24th Sept.2012 (Ganapati Dekhava at Marcel, Cumbarjua & Panjim)
Our visit yesterday

At least 3 regulars did not participated this year.
Two form Khandola and one from Thapan wada, Cumbarjua (in the river).
One at Marcel Tariwada we have boycotted this year for they don't allow photography even
upon request or payment. We had bad experience in the past.
Although, most other places at Marcel photogpaphy not allowed, we managed to
take pics upon a payment/donation of Rs.50 each at two places

I wish they all allow Photography with a fee of say Rs.50
The pics  (Videos to follow)

Juvemcho Raja, Jua

Shiv Shankar


Of sponge

Pandarpur yatra
Vitto Mauli, Marcel, Goa

Of Mushroom and Rovonn
Mashel Kala Premi, Marcel

A cumbar (earthen pot makers)
Shri Ram Mandir, Cumbarjua
Shri Narsimha Saraswati
Cumbarjua (Mechanical , moves 2 of the 3 heads)

Maruti Temple, Mala, Altinho
Mechanical but starts at 6pm onwards, We made two trips one at 4 pm and the other at 6pm

Young Boys of Boca de Vaca

or visit Blog

Update: 23rd Sept. 2012 (5 day Ganapati)

update: 20th Sept.2012 midnight

1.5 day Ganapati Immersion at Panjim Ferry / Jetty

Praying one last time – Aaratis and poojas

 onboard Ferry

 immersion time – from the ferryboat ramp
in the middle of the river Mandovi

two little brothers hand in hand

In the end, you get this – Prasad

see video 2 in the end (below)

Modak (Sweet Speciality during Ganesh chaturthi)

Modak on display / Shelves

Giant Neurio - another speciality

see it bigger here

Motoli fruits etc


Dannimb or pomegranate
Passion fruits ??

Not Chikoo


Amballe or ambadde


Flash photography
Another proof of Complete darkness on Promenade

Video 1  (Matoli Fruits etc)

Video 2 (1.5 days old immersion)

Video 3 - Ganapati Dekhava 2012 - Maruti Temple, Boca de Vaca, Panjim Town police etc

Video 4 (Mapusa Market Ganapati, Arti etc)

Video 5 ( Ganapati Dekhava from St. Estevam, Marcel, Cumbarjua)

Video 6  (From Pernem, Mapusa Police, Market)

Video 7 ( From Margao area)

Video 8 (Ganapati from Bicholim, Chorao)

Video 9 (11 day Ganapati from Panjim)

Ganesh Chaturthi Goa 2016

Friday, 14 September 2012

13th Century Mahadeva Temple at Tambdi Surla, Goa

 13th Century Mahadev Temple at Tambdi Surla, Goa

From Panjim to Tambdi Surla is about 40 Kms
Via Old- Goa, Ponda, Usgao, MRF, Sugar Factory, Bondla Road..

We were lost and drove straight on to Valpoi from there we turned back for upto 10Kms to take the Tambdi Surla Road which we missed earlier.  We made it just in time i.e. before 5.30pm which the the closing time.

Please follow the road signs, there are not enough though!
We also asked several persons on the way..

Mahadeva  (Lord Shiva) Temple of Kadamba era or pre Portuguese era.
Read the description board provided by ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) - see pic

There is a stream or River flowing nearby which can be seen and heard in the video clip
Here are some pics
the Temple

Video 1 (the Temple)

Video 2 (Wildlife and Nature)

Temple ..


 close-up Rear

 the board

read it bigger here

Front gate etc

Extra: in the Vicinity

Nature speaking...

More pics on Wildlife and Nature

Painted leaf
Water under the bridge



A tree in the form of elephant god

Painted leaf

Water under the bridge