Thursday, 31 December 2015

Sunburn 2015, Vagator beach

Vozrant Vagator Goa
27-30 Dec. 2015



Main stage
The Empire of the Sun



Box office, tickets counters
Price, rules etc

Flying kite, gas balloon, car , flags
Giant Wheel

View from the Venue
Chapora Fort

The Beach

View from outside the venue

 Friday night bazaar, same place

 Security watch tower


 A chapel nearby
Anjuna Church
On the way to


Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Christmas Cribs 2015, Goa

Cribs 2016, visit here

Competition Results:

The Department of Art & Culture Govt. of Goa had organised State level Crib Competition during Christmas Festival in Two Categories i.e.
a) Institution/Group & b) Individual/household from 26th to 30th December, 2015 as a part of promotion & preservation of this age old tradition of crib making in Goa.

In Institution/Group Category 29 groups and in Individual/household Category 24 individuals have participated in the competition.
A panel of three jury members comprising of renowned Artist, Shri Wilson D’Souza, Shri Eknath mahale, Shri Julio D’Souza judged the competition.

The results of State level Crib Competition-2015 in both the categories are as follows:
Institution/Group Catogory

First Prize: (Rs. 15,000/- & certificate) –
St.Philip & St.James Parish Youth, near Church, Cortalim, Mormugao – Goa.

Second Prize: (Rs. 10,000/- & certificate) –
Pale-Bellem Wards of Velsao, Near St.Stephan Chapel, Pale Velsao, Mormugao – Goa.

Third Prize: (Rs. 7,000/- & certificate) –
Mexico Boys Cansaulim, Costa Vaddo, Cuelim, Cansaulim, Salcete – Goa.

Five Consolation Prizes of Rs. 5,000/- each & certificate:
1. S.S.Boys of Baida, Baida, Nuvem, Salcete – Goa.
2. St. Anthony Boys, Agalli, Margao – Goa.
3. Don Bosco Youth Association, Tuem, Pernem – Goa.
4. Candolim Committee, Candolim Pintos Vaddo near Holycross (Mandor)
Candolim, Bardez – Goa.
5. Capuchin Fathers Farmhouse, Ordhofond, Poiguinim, Cancona – Goa.

Individual/ Household Catogory
First Prize: (Rs. 10,000/- & certificate) –
Abeleena Luis Raia Daman, Salcete – Goa.

Second Prize: (Rs. 7,000/- & certificate) –
Anson A. Menezes, Near Opa water
Works, Khandepar, Ponda – Goa.

Third Prize: (Rs. 5,000/- & Certificate)
Darric Dias, Aquem Baixo,
Gantamorod, Navelim, Salcete – Goa.

Five Consolation Prizes of Rs. 3,000/- each & certificate:
1. Mr. Richard Caldeira, Alto, Santa –Cruz, Ponda – Goa.
2. Mr. Francis Xavier D’souza, St. Anthony Church Marna, Siolim,

Bardez – Goa.
3. Mr. Johnvin Pinto, St. Michal Church, Anjuna Chivas,

Anjuna, Bardez – Goa.
4. Mr. Menino Pereira, Mazillvaddo, Nagoa Verna, Salcete – Goa.
5. Mr. Melvin Fernandes Nr.ID hospital, Santacruz, Ponda – Goa 

XMAS Cribs from Goa year 2015
Margao, Mungul, Seraulim, Utorda, Arossim, Tonttem, Cansaulim, Velsao, Cortalim etc

First Prize winning Crib
St.Philip & St.James Parish Youth, near Church, Cortalim
(Remain open till 16 January Feast of St. Joseph Vaz)
Watch Video 7 below

Day Time

Night Time

St. Anthony Boys of Agalli, Margao
Watch video 2 below
Q ing  queue Queuing

Entry to Biblical Horror show
7 deadly sins
Temptation, death, coffin, droning, hanging, man eating

 Bible, host, chalice

Saint, Moses

Shepherd, sheep

Crib, Manger , money, Dantem

Palace, well

3 kings

reflection in water
Santa Claus vising Hospital, Prison etc
Margao, nearby
Santa Claus playing guitar, crooning

Crib Boys Mungul
Colva Road from Margao
Pond, water, reflection, nridge, crib, Palace etc Watch video 3 below

Mungul Youth
Nearby – First Times
With Santa Claus special train    Watch video 4 below

Seraulim Church
Feliz Natal
XMAS tree decorating ornament ball Watch video 4 below

Main Road, Monteiro Wado  Watch video 4 below

 Tender Boys
Falvaddo Arossim
Fish, Pond, Coins, Money etc  Watch video 4 below

TAF boys of Tonttem Morod
Palaces, Lighthouse, spring, fish, pond, Santa Claus riding Motor bikes
Snowman, Candle etc Watch video 5 below

Mexico Boys
Costawado Amballo, Cuelim Cansaulim
 Watch video 1 below
St. Joseph doing carpentry
Mechanical  3rd Prize

Angle Gabriel appears to Mary

 Joseph, Mary seeking home
Go away says the occupants

King Herod’s Palace

Entry to the Palace

St. Sebastian ?

Horse cart

 Jesuit Priests

Egypt, desert, sculpture

Moving 3 kings

Manger, crib

Milk Boy with Mother Valaikini

Sparkling Stars of Pale and Belem, Velsao   Watch video 5 below 
2nd Prize  Crib open for public viewing till 10th January
More pics day time

 Cortalim near School

Video 1
Mexico Boys of Costawado, Cansaulim

Video 2
St. Anthony Boys of Agalli, Margao
Video 3
Mungul Crib Boys

Video 4
Mungul Youth, Seraulim Church, Utorda and Arossim Falvado Tender Boyz

Video 5
TAF boys Tontem and Sparkling Boys of Velsao Pale, Belem

Video 6
Happy New Year 2016

Video 7 - Cortalim Church Crib
First Prize Winning Crib

Crib in the Lake - Curtorim opp Church

 St. Joseph Vaz
St. Jose Vaz

Curtorim Market area

MORE Pics and videos coming soon here

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