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13th Century Mahadeva Temple at Tambdi Surla, Goa

 13th Century Mahadev Temple at Tambdi Surla, Goa

From Panjim to Tambdi Surla is about 40 Kms
Via Old- Goa, Ponda, Usgao, MRF, Sugar Factory, Bondla Road..

We were lost and drove straight on to Valpoi from there we turned back for upto 10Kms to take the Tambdi Surla Road which we missed earlier.  We made it just in time i.e. before 5.30pm which the the closing time.

Please follow the road signs, there are not enough though!
We also asked several persons on the way..

Mahadeva  (Lord Shiva) Temple of Kadamba era or pre Portuguese era.
Read the description board provided by ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) - see pic

There is a stream or River flowing nearby which can be seen and heard in the video clip
Here are some pics
the Temple

Video 1 (the Temple)

Video 2 (Wildlife and Nature)

Temple ..


 close-up Rear

 the board

read it bigger here

Front gate etc

Extra: in the Vicinity

Nature speaking...

More pics on Wildlife and Nature

Painted leaf
Water under the bridge



A tree in the form of elephant god

Painted leaf

Water under the bridge

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