Sunday, 26 August 2012

BONDERAM 2012, at Piedade, Divar

Traditional  Bonderam (Flags Festival) at Piedade, Divar - Goa.
Organised by Piedade Youth Association.

There were in all 6 floats, all depicting/giving social messages on dumping garbage, saving Earth, Communal Harmony, traditional Goa etc

Premeiro ward had  ‘Green Goa’,  Divar Centre had ‘Dhorji’ (Tailor), Vitozem on ‘Garbage Kobar Koruia’, Maddant Stars had ‘Save the Earth, Jingle Bells had  ‘Mollo’ and finally Romantic groups had float on Communal Harmony: Guru - Olav - Akbar (GOA)

The chief guest for the occasion was Goa’s new Governor Bharat Vir Wanchoo along with his wife, Ex. MLA Nirmala Sawant, Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar, Village Panchayat Sarpanch, Prasad Harmalkar, Church Asst. Priest Fr. Francis Pereira etc (See pics & Video)

Following are the pics
(more pics shown in the video 1 photo show)


Clean Goa

chief Guest, Goa’s new Governor, Bhart Vir Wanchoo

 With Minister Dilip Parulekar, Ex MLA Nirmala Sawant, Gov. Wife,
Sarpanch, Church Ast. Priest etc


Communal Harmony – Christian, Hindus & Muslims


Paper Boys and girls

Tailor and bridal dress

Looks like I know one of them

Old Goa, Mangueshi etc

 Bhendde ani xetantu Mhar (Scarecrow)

the judges, Francis Martins etc

Dorji or Tailor

little ocean Princess driven by Dolphins

Bhendde, konknno dudi, Vaingim etc

Poddollim, Xir-gonsallim etc on a ‘Mattov’


 cute little Mosquitoes waiting to sting

Guru, Olav, Abdul (GOA)

 dolphins, Bangddo and the queens

Ram, Akbhar, Jesus

God has no religion (We humans have)

Welcome to Divar Bonderam (at Jetty)

Ferryboat with Bonderam

Stop Littering

with bee hive

Little dancers

Dhorji or Tailor truck

Little sea life (Lives)

Crowd Bonderam etc

Video 1 - Photo Show

Video 2  (Floats)

Video 3 ( Governor's speech, less than 2 minutes)

Video 4 ( Extended Coverage - Floats 47 mins)

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Anonymous said...


I thank you very much for the excellent job done by you. It was superb. You have given us a detailed view of the entire Piedade Divar Bonderam 2012 (which was much awaited by me and my family out here in Delhi) right from the ferry point till the last float. I have never been to Goa on this ocassion but enjoyed watching bonderam 2012 posted by you. Keep up the good work as always. Sorry for the delayed “thankyou” (more than one month since you posted this event on your blogspot).

Kind regards