Friday, 17 August 2012

Feast of Cabo Raj Niwas Chapel, Grotto of St. Paula etc

The feast is unique. Never seen like this before.

More people visited not for the feast /Chapel but for St. Paula whose grotto lies below the Cabo Chapel. Long Qs are seen with devotees carrying flowers and candles. Majority of them were non-Christians including the youth. Looks like they come here year after year i.e. on 15th August.

Never heard of this little known Saint Paula nor I know how the devotion first started here.

I was amazed to see such a huge crowd and they did not mind staying in the Q under the hot sun for more than one hour. So strong must be the devotion, probably come down from their ancestors. Cabo was open for Public from 8 am and were suppose to leave by 1pm due to security reasons. But even at 12.45, we saw more and more devotees joining in the Q which would take them at least 1 hour to reach to the grotto which means 1.45pm but all devotees were to leave by 1pm, don’t know if this was extended by few hours.

Some pics

The Chapel (about 500 years old)

inside the Chapel
Main altar etc


the Patron Saibinn

silver candle stands etc

Golden pulpit

Our Lady of Lourdes

Huge cross

part of Governor’s residence


Beautiful view of the Arabian sea
Even kids seems enjoying the view


Long Q not for the feast Chapel but the Grotto of St. Paula or Paulin


St. Paula


Another view, protection wall etc

Cabo garden / Fountain

Directions – sign board
Tennis Court, Parking, Secretariat, Grotto, Chapel, Raj Niwas, Library etc

Way to cafeteria / Gymnasium but Cafeteria was closed on the day

Cabo Helipad
Place of Helicopter Landing

the Main Gate

Video 1  (Feast, Mass, chapel etc)

Video 2 ( Long Q to the Grotto of ST. Paula)

More pics added few hours later..

The Chapel

Rear section of the chapel with balcony

Boys with flowers

the Grotto (inside)

 the Saint (St. Paula)

Video 3  (Photo Show)

From 2008

The Chapel com/photos/ joegoauk5/ 2395070028/ sizes/l/

Inside com/photos/ joegoauk5/ 2394236571/ sizes/l/

if you come out of it .. from the main entrance com/photos/ joegoauk5/ 2395070824/ sizes/l/

To your right com/photos/ joegoauk5/ 2395071162/ sizes/l/

and this is in front the chapel - View com/photos/ joegoauk5/ 2394237497/ sizes/l/

video 2008 (Sunday Mass etc)

Update: 19.12.13
Illuminations on Goa Liberation Day

The gate / Arch / cannon gun etc

Restricted entry – Delays expected

about half a kilometre road to the palace

The Palace
The official Residence of Governor of Goa

Lawns / garderns / Fountain

Video: 19.12.2013

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