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Sangodd at Camoti waddo, Candolim Goa 15.8.12

Sangodd at Camoti Waddo Candolim
15th Aug. 2012
It was to start at 3 pm but we were on the Panjimjim Mandovi bridge at 6pm
We missed most part of it as we arrive there aroun 6.25pm
Too many programes on Independence day, including Feast at Raj Bhavan

Some pics



Lawry, Albert etc

Stacy and Violet

Band Agnelo Dias and his team

Green Willy

Video 2012 ( songs dulpods etc)

From 2010 Sangodd

Sangodd at Camoti Wado, Candolim
Well, that was the first time we heard of Sangodd being held here.(The other usual place that we know of is Orda Sangodd on 29 June).  It took as a while to locate the place though.
More than half the people we asked on Candolim road
near the ground were migrants so they were not aware what we were talking about.
Finally, we had to reverse back to go to the venue which 
was Behind the Gustav ground or near  Silver Sand the local MLA’s Resort?
The crowd here was lot more than the Orda Sangodd.
Perhaps, Goan Nightingale Lorna is responsible for pulling
such a crowd.
This Sangodd was not in a river or rivulet but in the Lake. Very beautiful spot by the road side. Beautifully or fruity decorated Sangodd.
Traditional Sangodd is held here on 14th of August every year (for last 14 years). One of the main organizers was the local MLA’s brother.
(Santa Khuris Committee of Camoti Wado, Candolim)
Besides Lorna, there were other top singers/actors too such as Bab Andrew, Albert, Anil-Olga, Com. Domnic, Bachan, Wonder boy Cameron etc
There were some local talents too.
One of them sang on revival of ‘Candolim football team’ which was once very famous with top players including Tomazin Cardoz and many others named. I like the song so did most others. Infact, one of the audience members offered a spot cash prize of Rs.500 to the singer
We arrived there around just after 5pm (30 minutes late due to non-availability of ferryboat at Panjim-Betim route, as discussed earlier).
The event must have stated around 4pm.
At 7.30, there was a tiatr ‘Sogleank Nomoskar’ at Church all.
Remember, there are two SANGODDs at Candolim
What is SANGODD?
3 or 4 canoe boats joined together to form a SANGODD upon which a mini chapel like structure is erected and/ or  a Stage to perform for the artists- singing/acting/display etc.

‘people coming together’ is also a SANGODD
Someone rightly said ‘United we stand, divided we fall’
I wish we could form a 'SANGODD' to throw out the present dirty political lot

Ok, let the pics do rest of the talking

Video 1 (2010) - Lorna Live

Video 2 (2010 - singing)

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