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Welcome to Mapusa Friday Market

Mapusa Friday Market
3rd Aug. 2012

Video - A short tour

Latest Video
A short Mapusa video tour
A short Mapusa City Tour. Includes Hanuman Theatre hall, Temple, Sirsat, Courts, Old St. Mary's School, Mapusa Liceu, new Fish Market, Bus stand, new bus stand site etc

Dry / Salt fish

Divo or dive (Kerosene lamps)

Konkom or konknno dudi

New Mapusa Fish Market etc soon – Status Aug. 3, 2012

Mullo or reddish

Pumpkin or dudi

Tomattam ou tomatoes

Laranjam or Oranges

Veggies – Brinjals, cucumber, beans, French beans,
carrots, cabbage
Ladyfingers etc

Tendlim stems for growing in the backyard / fields

Banana sapling Rs.40 each / Keddsumbe

Beans – green peas

Katt-kumvor (aloe vera)

Sausage zone – Cheurisam

Toranj or toranjam or Pomelo

Fruits variety – Oranges, apples, Papaya, Mangoes, pears,
banana, custard apples,
Corn, dates etc

My favourite (Ghanvtti variety but hard to find) antonam

A popular variety of Goan Banana

Zaddu sarun brooms etc

Coir broducts – Razu, Sutli, sumb, Rope etc

This one reminds me of H Britton Song
Glass bangles or Kouchechim Kanknnam

Kitchen Curry stuff

Ambott or ambttann or Tamarind Kokum or bindda solam

Banana zone (non-goan)

Bambo productz – Zone
Pattim, Xempul, Pantli panz cage baskets

supam Panttli etc

Rojinn or Rojinnio – Marigold plants for growing

Grafts or garfam – Mango, Chickoo,

timber zone
Adavo or adolli bamkin etc

Tambreth, stools etc

Uxim godd or Jaggery

Podrage bol ani Kazara bol

suklo sungttam sold by ‘poll’ or podd an unit of measurement
Salt, Tisrio etc are still sold thus

Zayo sale at the entrance

Mapusa Friday Market - A short Tour

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