Monday, 13 August 2012

Morte at Velsao

Our Lady of good Death (Boa Morte)

13th August 2012

Velsao Church


Our lady surrounded by Apostles of Jesus

Xis disciples

Our lady of good Death (Boa Morte)

Video 13.8.12

From 2010

Actually it is 'Boa Morte' but we called it just ‘Morte’

Velsaocars would simply say (invite) ‘faleam amger Mortik eiyat’

One Velsaocar would ask the other Velsaokar ‘Mortik vochon  eilo?’

In other words, it is like saying ‘ umiank vochon eilo?’

(UMO = Kissing of the statue)

At Velsao, every year, in this month, there is a 3 day feast

1st day 13th August Morte (Our Lady of Good Death)

2nd day 14th August ‘Saibinn sorgar Voita’ (Assumption)

3rd day 15th August is the Main Feast Day (O/L descends)

As a kid, I remember attending Velsao Church on all the above three days.

We came to the church on foot, I even remember walking the railways tracks which is passing about 300 metere behind the church (see pic below)

It was long time that I have been to ‘Morte’

Today, we made it. And I am straight back here infront of my PC to share my memories /pics with you.

Don’t know if anywhere else this practice is followed.

Life size O/L shown in a sort of coffin/casket surround by Apostles

By 5pm today, the entire casket is seen decorated/covered with ‘Zayo’ by the devotees.

‘Zayo’ (jasmine flowers?) are also available for sale at the church premises

Ok. Let’s see the pic which are taken today around 3.30pm

In side the Church

Our Lady of Good Death (Boa Morte) surrounded by apostles
(right side)

Left Side

from the front


next, i.e. on the 14th August.. (pics from archive)

The same place will have this standing O/L where it will be manually raised to heaven.
A mini heaven is erected see pic
O/L of Assumption

Mini heaven

Top (close-up)

Bap, Putr, Ispisant, this is where the O/L seen on 14 Aug from 3pm till next day 10pm

On the 15th August, the O/L is brought down back and kept for public veneration

Velsao Church

Morte 2009
Morte 2012
Morte 2014
Morte 2015

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