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The unique Khandi Khuris Feast at Maina Curtorim

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I bet many of you never seen like this before.. Khandi Fhuris Feast, Maina Curtorim

I too was not aware of such an unique celebrations of the
road side Holy Cross.
On our annual Holy Cross Feast day, we see around 100
including friend and family
But this one we are talking in thousands, say 10,000 plus

I was first notified in an email by a Bombay Goan last
year as he himself was there and spent 3.15hrs in the Q.

We were there around 11.45am, on the main road traffic
was jammed, no room even to walk.
We walked more than a KM to the road opp St. Rita Church,
from where it is about 1.6 Km to the Holy cross shrine via the Fields – Bandh

The Q
Two lines moving in opposite direction on the Curtorim
Main Road (opp St. Rita Church)
One would join the Q as far as at Courtorim Church / Lake and walk upto 2kms and then take
U turn to be in the main Q, another KM and then another about 1.6kms to the
Shrine from the main Road. However, we have seen lot of cheating by jumping the
Q etc
I walked about 1+1.6 KM one way.

Peculiarities of the feast:
- It takes 3-5 hours in the Q to venerate the Holy Cross in the Field Bundh or
Khanddi /Handi /Manos or sluice gate. Nothing can stop them, not even the heavy rains.
- If the line or the Q was in a straight line, it would be about 4.5km long
- From the main road to the field Holy Cross (Shrine / Chapel), the distance is about
- No Feri or Hawkers around the shrine or the entire 1.6kms stretch (There were
beggars though, seated on the ground).
- Although the entire stretch if of Tarred road, it was like NoMoZo or no vehicles on the road not even two wheelers and cycles.
- Free drinks to all (Pepsi products) as you come out of the shrine – Snacks also offered.
- Main Attraction: FREE meals to all (Biryani, Pullav, Chicken, Sweets, Dos, Attol
/ Goddxem, etc see pics) offered by the devotees who have been granted favours, and who
have pledged (Angonn) to give free lunch etc. Offered in plates and packs, some even take home.
- Normally, in any feast fair, one can see some 'chonnekars' or Doskars shouting – Chonne vhor bai, Khajem vhor bai but we see here ‘ Jevonn jei bai, yo bab yo bai..’
- Besides Donation Counter, there is also a gift counter ‘gift to God’ ranges from
buiscuits packs, Cakes etc see pic. As for the Donations, it could even cross 10
lacs this year. We Had Id Holiday on 20th Aug.

Besides, there was Helpline, Lost & found Counter, Feast brass band etc see pics / video

The feast is celebrated on 20th August every year except when 20th falls on Sunday, it is celebrated on Monday, I am told. But 2017 its on Saturday 19th Aug 2017
Starts early mooning till late.
Best time to visit I would say early morning and after say 4pm, as I feel there is more rush during lunch time

And the joke of the day is..
I took 4 guys with me for the free meals etc but I ended up paying their lunch bill at a restaurant in Margao, behind Holy Spirit Church 'Cool & Spicy' ?
Reason being, there was no way we could stand in the Q for 3-5 hours. However, I  requested a volunteer to let me in so that I can take some photographs etc.
( I was not at all aware of the Q, although it was mentioned in the email last year)

Some pics here

The starting Point from the
Main Road

Video (Uncut)

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