Thursday, 7 April 2016

Food and Cultural Festival 2016

Goa Food and Cultural Festival 2016
6-10 April 2016 at Campal Football ground, Panaji. Organised by Goa Tourism, Govt of Goa.
5 day festival of cuisine, food, drinks, song, dance, bands etc
6pm till midnight (Loud music/sound stops at 10)

Day 4
Video: A short Tour


Day 4
Crowd / Tables/Chairs / Stage

Gate rush

 New fake metal looking cutlery

 Host and Hostess
Alfie and Kulfie
RJ Alfy and Jessica Sharma

The Big T Band with Selwyn on Violin

Dance o Philia

Band - Thermal and a Quarter
Bangalore Rock Band


Day 3
Indi pop mix

Dance o Philia

Host, Hostess



Raagas 2 Riches
Rahul, Genny, Ryan – Keyboards, Lead Guitar Ash Moon Kid,
Drummer Jonathan Dias  AMORIN bass,

Day 2
Lulu Fortes (Rhythm and Blues)
Ignatius Rodrigues - Keyboards, Filipe Fortes - Bass Guitar Lulu Fortes - Vocals Neil D'Cruz - Guitar and Vocals Roswyn Fernandes - Drums Paul Po - Lead guitar n Vocals
Drummer - Rosswyn Fernandes

 Dance by Sonia Jaffar and the Beaumont Company

Video on Facebook



Host / Hostess

Fenni distillery

Stalls, feni  CAZCAR


Band / Stage

MOKSHA fusion Band

Band: Frontline

Day 1
Inauguration, VIPs, Pot
Siddharth Kunkolienkar, Nilesh Cabral and Chief Minister Parsekar
Mayor Surendra Furtado, C S Srivastava, Dilip Parulekar
Alfie, Jessica host / Hostess

Gate, Entrance

Johnny and Bushka

Goenchim Noketram
Songs and dances
Cely Fernandes Mandolin- Selwyn Menezes Bass- Bernard Furtado Kavn- Elvis Mascarenhas
Lead Guitar - Abraham Fernandes

Marcha de fontainhas, Portuguese dance

 Band: Indian Ocean - Watch videos
Members: Current Lineup Amit Kilam - Drums, percussion and vocals Rahul Ram - Bass guitar
and vocals Himanshu Joshi - Vocals Tuheen Chakravorty - Tabla and
other percussion Nikhil Rao - Guitar
Genre: Contemporary Fusion Rock
Hometown: New Delhi



Host and Hostess
RJ Alfie and Jessica

Day 1
Video: Johnny & Bushka

Video: Portuguese Dance - Marcha de Fontainhas
By Goenchim Noketram

Day 2
Video: Lulu Fortes (Rhythm and Blues)

Video: Neil singing cucurucucu (Rhythm n Blues)
Video:  Corazon Espinado (Rhythm n Blues)

Video: Band INDIAN OCEAN - Behne do
Video: Band INDIAN OCEAN 2in1 - Flute

Video: Avina Furtado - Suknnem Suknnem
Video: Elvis Mascarenhas
Video: Frenzie V Rodrigues
Video: Inaugural, Pot on fire with chief minister
More updates with pics and videos coming soon..
Goenchin Neketram - Folk dance/songs group
Moksha, Frontline, Sonia Jaffer

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