Friday, 3 June 2011

Holant Beach (2.6.11)

Welcome to Holant beach

A beautiful picnic spot, a sort of natural and safe sea water swimming pool for both young and old.
And to add to your safety, there are two lifeguards too since 2009 closely watching your every movement at sea.

This is a small beach often busy all days of the week but if possible avoid the crowded weekends.
The beach is mainly visited by locals (Goans) making a very popular picnic spot which includes bathing.
Today Thursday 2.6.11,  we visited the beach around noon.
Perhaps, the last day of the summer as it started raining almost all night 2.6.11

We had bath and then we had  lunch at the only restaurant Copacabana on the beach.

We had our Goan Xit-coddi there for Rs.70 per person. The Mackerel curry was
so good that I end up  drinking all the leftover from the curry bowl,
 (Reminded me of the comedy by Com. John d’ Silva)

Last time we visited the beach in 2008 (see pics, links provided in the end)
Holant Beach today 2nd June 2011

Lifeguards closely guarding the beach revellers into the sea

The restaurant / Shack
Drishti lifeguards at the hut not of their own
a water tank in the sky

Pics and videos from archive (2008)
Check this out
all check this clip at rediff, seems very popular at all India Level:

Some Pics
Talking Photos: Now identify this very small but popular beach
To your right
to your left
in front of you (1)
infront of you (2) Zoom in
Another beach wiew
A small church nearby
And a mini cemetery
Cuelim 3 kings hill chapel also seen

In here you sea a beach and a train
In here, you see a beach and a plane
In here you see a wall thru which one can see a  beach & a Cross

So, where is it??
What is it?
One can even have this xit coddi there for just Rs.40, beer 60, soft drink 10
At the only shark located very close to the beach/pool

Update:  May 2014
Today Wednesday 7.5.14,  we visited the beach around 5pm.


The beach, bathing, playing etc

Shore with canoe boat, voddem

Chapel view in the background
With Holy Cross Shrine in the background
Restaurant copacabana

View of Velsao Dando beach, and Cuelim Hill chapel
Lifeguard on guard

Picnickers’ area


More on Holant beach (Past pics and videos)

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