Monday, 16 May 2011

Our Lady of Rosary Church (1550), Old Goa

This is the Church I never heard of before almost all my life time
It was only during the last year ( Sept 2010), when I saw it while travelling to 

Old Goa via river Mondovi by a launch.
Finally, visited the church on 3rd May this year (2011) at Monte Santo (Holy hill).

Amazing! How do they do that?
It does have some similarities like that of a fortress with beautiful view of river
Mandovi overlooking islands of Divar etc

It’s very close to the Santa Monica Convent or Christian Art Museum.
Not very far from the ruined church of St. Augustin
The Feast of Our Lady of Rosary celebrated here in October

It is said that
- Church of our Lady of Rosary was constructed at the site where Bijapur Sultan

was defeated by
Portuguese leader Alfonso de Albuquerque in the year 1510
- Construction work of church was started in the year 1544 and took almost six years

to complete.
- The church was build in fulfillment of a vow taken by Afonso De Albuquerque
- St. Francis Xavier used to preach (teach catechism ) here every evening.

- One of the Oldest Churches of Goa

Video Clip

azment tum bott, soitan tum podd, Jezus mak’ mell (Holi water Basin)
Pulpit (Pulpitr for Xermao)
two of the three Altars
It also has two Chapels – see video

the Main Altar – Nossa Senhora de Rozario
Hindi / English Inscription

A plaque on the Church wall
Deste Alto Asistiu
Afonso de Albuquerque
EM 25 - XI – 1510 A
Reconuista de Goa
(some one pl translate)
The main door
Church View from the riverside

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The Zamorin of Bombay said...

Very interesting read...

But did you also know that:

1. This is the second church built by the Portuguese in Goa

2. As seen in your video, you will notice to the left of the altar is a plaque stating that there lies the remains of Donna Catarina [Lady Catherine] the First Portuguese Lady to come to India and the wife of Dom Garcia de Sa the 15th Portuguese Governor General of Goa to Portugal

Khushi R said...

Nice picture and informative post of Rosary church,Goa. Goa is an ultimate place to have an eventful holiday filled with visit to beaches, flea markets, recreation activities and churches. There are many Portuguese churches in Goa which are famous among visitors for its splendid architecture.