Sunday, 1 May 2011

'Jezu-Nozrem' feast at Siridao, Goa

Talking Photos: Happy Feast to all 'Shirdonkars' (Jez-Nozrem)

'Jezu Nozrem' feast celebrated today at Siridao Chapel on 1st May 2011

The fesat mass was at 10.15am.

The popular feast always celebrated on the second Sunday of Easter.

The feast also known as 'Pejechem Fest' where  traditionally Pez or Canji
 is served to all free of cost.
Bowl or maittul and Pickle or Mistkutt  one has to buy from the vendors.
Usually cost Rs.20 &  10 respectively.
Some seen carrying their own steel or alluminium bowls.

This feast always reminds of my mother who never missed the 'Pejechem

I asked her once  what's  the difference bwtween the 'Pez' we always cook
 at home and the one which is served ar Siridao feast?
She replied 'Deva Payamkoddchi pez'
According to her, the 'pez' had some medicinal value or cure.

Inside the Chapel there is a huge image of Jesus 'Ecce Homo' (see pics)

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Padri ani mis

Parish Priest ?

Part of Pursanv (Flags?)

Pirjent ani pursanv

Pursanv or procession

Saibinn mai altracher

Festa lok / Mis

Furis by the Chapel

Ecce Homo

Our Lady full of Marigold / Rozam

Saibinn with angel


Festa Cheurisam

Maittulam / bowls for pez
Rs.20 each

You get ‘Ponnsa gore’  too (to go with Pez)

Angovnn (Waxy bodies Rs.80 and 40

Scented fans also available here

Festa Muzg

Festa Bhikarim

Festa Chonne

Festa Pez

Festa Tiatr

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