Thursday, 24 January 2013

Fatorpa - Temples of Shantadurga Cuncolienkarin, Fatorpekarin, Shri Vetal...

Reminds of M Boyer's song
(That played on All India Radio Panaji)
Dogaim ami sangatan vechim,
Fatorpyam Zatreku Dila, Fatopiyam zatrek

Well, this is the first time I been to Fatorpa, (Dec 2012) that comes after Cuncolim, Goa.

Some pics..

Shri Shantadurga Cuncolienkarin Vijayte

Gate / Arch

Temple (External)




Inside the temple

the Goddess – Cuncolienkarin

 Rath (Temple Chariot)


Shree Shantadurga Fatorpekarin

Gate / Arch


Rath (Temple Chariot)

the Temple (External)


the Goddess – Fatorpekarin

Temple ‘Talli’ or Tali

inauguration of the developed Tali
by Ramakant P angle MP in 2003


Shri Vetal Devasthan



Deity Vetal

A small well with brass pulley at the gate

Video 1 (Cuncolikarin Temple)

Video 2  (Fatorpekarin Temple)

Video 3 (Vetal Temple)

A church nearby
Our Lady of Fatima,
Cotto, Fatorpa

CUNCOLIM, with historical places

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