Thursday, 15 August 2013

Chapel of St. Francis Xavier and the Well (SFX resided here when in Goa)

It is believed that St. Francis Xavier  when in Goa resided at this place and said prayers / Mass at the Chapel that was existed in its place here.
It is also said that St. Francis used to take bath or wash his feet at this well located next to the Chapel.
There were reports of sighting a lighted candle (reflection) into the well and many resident devotees (who came during the SFX feast novena etc) were visiting this well every year for drinking water and the sighting of the candle in the well

Gate of St. Paul College    
opp ICAR Research Complex
Ela, Old Goa, NH 4A

the Chapel

the image /statue in the facade  niche

the Chapel sideways

the well with drinking water

The water, depth of the well (some plastic water pots also seen)
The depth or the pots not usually seen with the naked eyes
but possible through camera lenses (zooming)
2006 pic of the well

The chapel remain closed, except on 6th of every month (10am Mass ?)
These pics taken through it’s side window

Inside of the Chapel, main altar


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