Thursday, 17 March 2016

Procession of Saints 2016 (Saints in the Church) Goa-Velha

Missed the Monday's procession
I went next day.. 15.3.16
31 Saints in the Church..

 St. Andre, the patron Saint (Altar)

Extra, from archive

The 31 Saints (in order of appearance in the procession)
(Pics from 2011 procession)
1. Armas Franciscanas

2. Papa Inacio III
Pope Anacio III

5. St. Clara de Orde Franciscan
St. Clara of Franciscan Order

10. St. Izabel Rainha de Portugal
St Isabela Queen of Portugal

11. St. Izabel de Rainha de Urgria (Hungary)

12. Sant Antonio

15. S. Luis Reis de France
St. Luis King of France

22. St. Francisco Abracado Pelo Crucificado
 26. St.Angela Mericia

A  video
Saints at the starting point (with narration)

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